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These are console commands for PC version of Killing Floor 2.


  • While playing in game or within Play in Editor, press ~ to open the console window. F3 also pulls up a lightweight console.
  • Console commands are not case-sensitive.

Core Commands

Command Function
Open <Map Name> Will load the map given. Eg: open kf-burningparis

You can also load gamemodes and mutators at the end of the command eg: kf-burningparis?Game=KFGameContent.KFGameinfo_Survival

Command as well accepts short names for gamemodes: "Survival", "Weekly", "Versus" or "Endless" and difficulty / game length specificators, e.g.

Open KF-Farmhouse?Game=Endless?Difficulty=2?Gamelength=1

where Difficulty: 0 - Normal, 3 - HOE and Gamelength: 0 - short, 2 - long.

Open <IP> Will connect to the <IP> given

You can provide a password. eg: open

And you can also join as spectator. eg: open

Disconnect Leaves the current session (good if you are stuck on a screen)
Reconnect Rejoins the current session you are in
Suicide Causes your player to die
RestartLevel Restarts the Level
ToggleScreenshotMode Toggles Weapons/Hands and HUD on and off.
ToggleHUD Toggles HUD

Gameplay Commands

  • All these commands require you to 'enablecheats' and will derank a play session.
  • As a server owner, it requires you to add 'admin' prefix prior to each command. After login as an administrator. See admin commands.
  • Unintended game behaviour might appear while executing these commands online, with other players on server. For testing purposes better try solo play.
  • To go into 3rd person once enablecheats are on press 3 on the number pad (1 is 1st person).
Command Function
EnableCheats Will open up the majority of commands for you to use
God Toggles God Mode
Demigod Toggles Demi-God Mode (will take damage but not die)
HurtMe <AMOUNT> Causes AMOUNT of the damage to player, e.g. HurtMe 20
HealMe <AMOUNT> Heals player for AMOUNT of the health
ArmorMe <AMOUNT> Gives player AMOUNT of the armor
Ghost Allows basically no-clip mode
Fly No-clip with collision and interaction
Walk Allows you to disable Ghost/Fly and walk again
ImRich Gives loadsamone
DoshMe <AMOUNT> Gives you the amount of dosh given
UberAmmo Gives lots of ammo for all weapons/grenades
Loaded Gives you most of the weapons
GiveWeapon <WeaponClass String> Gives a specific weapon using class name & location

eg: giveweapon KFGameContent.KFWeap_Shotgun_DoubleBarrel

UpgradeWeapon Upgrades currently equipped weapon one level
OpenTraderMenu Open buy menu, anywhere, anytime
DramaEvent <CHANCE> <LENGTH> Chance to toggle Zed Time with colour grading.

eg: dramaevent 1 10 - will give 100% chance to trigger Zed Time for 10 seconds when entered.

Slomo <SCALE> Sets world speed. Also useful to test ZED Time skills - they all become active with

Slomo < 1 (e.g. Slomo 0.99)

ChangeSize <SIZE> Changes player size/scale. Default is 1.
SetSpeed <SPEED> Changes walk speed. Default is 1
SetJumpZ <HEIGHT> Changes Jump Height.
SetGravity <GRAVITY> Changes Gravity. Default is -1150 (negative value).

This can easily crash a game or server, stay in reasonable numbers and don't go into positives.

Spawning and AI Commands

  • All commands require enablecheats
Command Function
SpawnHumanPawn <ISENEMY> <GODMODE> <INDEX> Spawns braindead dummy player. Does not have AI, attracts ZEDs, takes damage from ZED and player's attacks unless GOD mode set ON: SpawnHumanPawn 0 1 0.
KillBots Kills all entries of SpawnHumanPawn
SpawnZed ZedName[String] Will Spawn Braindead Zed of type given: eg: spawnzed sc
SpawnAI ZedName[String] Will spawn Zed with AI
SpawnZedGroup ZedName[String] NumRows[Int] NumCols[Int] Spacing[Float] Spawns Braindead Zeds in given rows and columns
SpawnZedAIGroup ZedName[String] NumRows[Int] NumCols[Int] Spacing[Float] Spawns Zeds with AI in given rows and columns
KillZeds Kill all ZEDs on the map - AI and dummies.
PlayersOnly Pauses game, but allows players to move around.

Pressing F4 also works.

SpawnZEDV <ZEDNAME> <SHOULDPOSSES?> Requires Versus game to be loaded first, e.g.

open KF-Lockdown?Game=Versus

Spawns braindead Versus ZED. Add 1 to specify if player should take control over this ZED: SpawnZEDV Siren 1

Zed Codes

ZedName Code Zed ZedName Code Zed
ClotA Alpha Clot Hans Hans
ClotS Slasher Pat Patriarch
ClotC Cyst KingFP King Fleshpound
EAlp Rioter MiniFP Quarterpound
B Bloat KingB Abomination
G Gorefast Poop Abomination Spawn
GF2 Gorefiend
Cr Crawler emp EDAR Trapper
ECra Elite Crawler laser EDAR Blaster
St Stalker rock EDAR Bomber
Hu Husk
Si Siren
Sc Scrake FHans Friendly Hans
FP Fleshpound FHusk Friendly Husk

Admin Commands

  • The use of gameplay commands (god, ghost, slomo, etc) require you to prefix commands with 'admin' after logging in and enabling cheats.
    • eg: admin god, admin slomo 0.5 or admin setfriendlyfirescale 0.25
Command Function
AdminLogin <PASSWORD> Login as admin
AdminLogout Logout as admin
Pause Will pause the game instance
SetFriendlyFireScale FFScale[Float] Sets friendly fire scale for the server. Will keep server ranked.

Useful SDK Commands

Command Function
ToggleSpawning [1] Allows you to test the game in PiE. Zed replacement optional is non-functional.

Toggling also allows you to skip waves. Testing for Holdout maps requires you to enter trader first before Toggle-Skipping

EndCurrentWave [1] Will complete the current wave and move to trader
SetWave <WaveNumber> [1] Sets the wave to the specified number
Chris Gives God, Loaded, UberAmmo, ToggleSpawning
ToggleSplatterGun Toggles the ability to spray splats on the map. Make sure to disable before exiting SDK.
ClearSplatters Clears all splats off the map
ClearCorpses Clears all corpses off the map
DisableAllScreenMessages Turns off errors in PiE
HideTraderPath Turns off Trader Path
ShowTraderPath Turns on Trader Path
TestPortalNearby <ZedName> <NumSpawns> Forces a spawn from the closest portal spawn
TestPortalAll <ZedName> Forces a spawn from all portals
TestPortalActive <ZedName> Forces a spawn for active portals
TestSpawnVolume <SpawnAmount> Forces the closest spawn volume to spawn Active Zeds
SetSpawnVolumeDebug <bSpawnDebug> <bDebugRating> <bDebugVisibility> Enables SpawnVolume debug values.

eg: just use - setspawnvolumedebug true true true

SpawnTest <SpawnAmount> <bSimSpawn> <bSpawnZeds> Well do a test Spawn based on current user position and volume values. Use in conjuntion with the above command

eg: spawntest 4 true false - will test the spawns but not spawn anything

ShowPrecomputedVisibility Will show the Precomputed Visibility cells if PCV have been built
ToggleOcclusion Toggles the Dynamic Occlusion System
TogglePrecomputedVisibility Toggles Precomputed Visibility

[1] Only available in SDK/Editor

Debug Commands

Command Function
Stat FPS Displays FPS and frame render time
ShowLog Shows Debug Log
BugIt <DESCRIPTION> Creates a screenshot with accompanying .txt file with comment, map location and build.

Located at: Documents > My Games > KillingFloor2 > KFGame > Screenshots

GetAll <ClassName> <PropertyName> Prints out property value of all instances of specified class in console. E.g.

GetAll KFPawn_ZedScrake Health will print out health of all Scrakes

on the map in console. Can only print out global variables and variables

that are replicated from server to clients.

DisplayAll <ClassName> <PropertyName> Same as GetAll but processes data and displays it on screen in real time.

Warning - resource intensive procedure. Does not work online.

DisplayClear Clears all DisplayAll entries.
Show COLLISION Toggles collision rendering. Useful to examine map / object bounds. Offline only.
Show VOLUMES Toggle Volumes.
Show SPAWNVOLUMES Toggle ZED spawn points rendering. Offline only.
Show HITZONES Toggle ZED's hitzones. Offline only.
ShowDebug Weapon Useful onscreen weapon data including animation timers for reloading or melee.
NoSpread or GoSpread Turns random bullet spread of current weapon OFF or ON.
NoRecoil or GoRecoil Turns recoil of current weapon OFF or ON.
SetNadeRadiusDebug 1 Draws radius of the current explosion in the world. 3 spheres shown each time:

Yellow - maximum radius of the explosion

Red - Clot kill radius (radius where it does 100+ damage)

Orage - half falloff radius (radius where it does 50% or more of its initial damage).

Command does NOT imply perk bonuses (rather works with explosion's default values).

TestNukeGrenade Throws a grenade that will create a Nuke

Input Commands

Command Function
SetBind <Key> <Command> Binds command to a key. E.g. SetBind "K" "TossMoney"

Common commands: Jump, StartCrouch, StopCrouch, ToggleCrouch, IronSights,

IronSightsRelease, ToggleFlashlight, SelectNextWeapon, SelectPrevWeapon,

SelectLastWeapon, SwitchWeaponGroup [1-4], QuickEmote, QuickHeal,

TossMoney, Interact, StartVoiceChat, StopVoiceChat

Executing multiple commands with "|" Allows to execute multiple commands in one go E.g.

SetBind K "TossMoney | TossMoney | TossMoney"

will allow user to toss 150 Dosh (3 times 50)

OnRelease event Allows to execute additional command on button release. E.g.

SetBind H "slomo 25 | OnRelease slomo 1". For the duration of H button hold world time will

speed up by 25 times, but on release it will return back to normal speed.