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Killing Floor 2 perk
General Information
XP Objectives
• Dealing Demolitionist weapon damage.
• Killing Fleshpounds with Demolitionist weapons.
Starting Loadout
HX25 Grenade Pistol 9mm Pistol
Utility Knife 1/2 Stick of Dynamite
Perk Information
• Medium Range
• Rear Rank
• Destroying Groups of Zeds
• Destroying Large Zeds
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• Area of Effect Weapons
• High Damage Output
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• Effective Against Fleshpounds
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• Minimum Range on Some Weapons
• Limited Ammunition
• Low Rate of Fire
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Target Priority
Technical Information
Related Achievements
Console Achievements / Trophies

The Demolitionist is the raging storm that destroys masses of ZEDs with each stick of dynamite, grenade or a rocket. Armed with a variety of explosive devices, Demolitionists wield an immense amount of destructive potential and can quickly turn around an entire battle with a few well-placed shots. Demolitionists can supply your squad with additional grenades while in the field and add explosive traps to any welded door, allowing them to unleash explosive hell even when they are elsewhere.

General Information

Armed with a variety of explosive devices, Demolitionists wield an immense amount of destructive potential and can quickly turn around an entire battle with a few well-placed shots. Demolitionists can supply your squad with additional grenades while in the field and add explosive traps to any welded door, allowing them to unleash explosive hell even when they are elsewhere.

Demolitionist skill choices let them focus on either taking down big lone targets like Scrakes and Fleshpounds by landing precise devastating blows or to unleash a hailstorm of explosives with improved AOE coverage and massive crowd control intensity.

Weapon List

HX25 Grenade Pistol
C4 Explosives
HRG Bombardier
M79 Grenade Launcher
HRG Tommy Boom
HRG Crossboom
M16 M203 Assault Rifle
Seal Squeal
HRG Kaboomstick
Seeker Six
Blunderbuss (DLC)
Gravity Imploder (DLC)
M32 Grenade Launcher
Husk Cannon
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Utility Knife
1/2 Stick of Dynamite
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Bonus Experience

Demolitionists receive bonus XP for killing Fleshpounds with on-perk weapons.

Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
Bonus Experience 10 17 21 30

Perk Bonuses

This table represents the passive stat bonuses the Demolitionist receives.

Perk Weapon Damage
max. 25%
( Perk weapon damage increased by 1% per level. )
Explosive Resistance
max. 60%
( Increase explosive resistance by 2% per level plus 10% base. )
Extra Explosive Ammo
max. +5
( Increase amount of explosive ammo per weapon by 1 per 5 levels. )
+Grenade Supplier
( Provide grenades to teammates. )
+Door Traps
( Setup explosive traps. )
+Reactive Armor
( Once per wave escape the death by emitting explosion around you. )

Perk Skills

This table represents the active abilities the Demolitionist has access to. You have the option of choosing one per tier.

Shock Trooper
Increase damage of explosive perk weapons by 25%. Increase reload speed of Perk weapons and increase their knockdown power 10%.
High Impact Rounds
Extra Rounds
Increase direct hit damage with explosive weapons by 25%. Increase the maximum ammo for explosive perk weapons by 10. This does not apply to C4.
Advanced Techniques
Sonic Resistant Rounds
Fragmentation Rounds
Your explosives are immune to the siren's scream and will always explode. Increase Perk weapon explosion area of effect by 50%.
Weapon Techniques
Armor Piercing Rounds
Concussive Rounds
Increase damage of direct hits to critical areas with perk weapons by 50%. Increase reaction, stun, stumble, and knockdown power of perk weapons by 50%.
Advanced Explosives
ZED TIME - Destroyer of Worlds
ZED TIME - Mad Bomber
During ZED Time, your explosives dish out massive radiation damage, poisoning ZEDs, and explosive rounds will explode at any range. During ZED Time, you shoot and reload in near real-time, the area of effect of perk weapons increases by 25%, and explosive rounds will explode at any range.

Actual Stats

Armor Piercing Rounds (extra damage, on crit zone) 50%
Bombardier (extra damage) 25%
Concusive Rounds (gun / melee hit power multiplier) x1.5
Concusive Rounds (knockdown power multiplier) x1.5
Concusive Rounds (stumble power multiplier) x1.5
Concusive Rounds (stun power multiplier) x1.5
Destroyer of Worlds (DOT damage type) toxic
Destroyer of Worlds (DOT duration of radiation cloud) 5s
Destroyer of Worlds (DOT interval of radiation cloud) 0.3s
Destroyer of Worlds (DOT scale of radiation cloud) x1
Destroyer of Worlds (instant explosion always has a radius of) 3m
Destroyer of Worlds (instant explosion damage multiplier) x1.5
Destroyer of Worlds (instant explosion damage type) Explosive
Destroyer of Worlds (poison power of radiation cloud) 1000
Destroyer of Worlds (projectile explodes at any range) yes
Destroyer of Worlds (radiation cloud damage interval) 1s
Destroyer of Worlds (radiation cloud damage) 20
Destroyer of Worlds (radiation cloud duration) 8s
Destroyer of Worlds (radiation cloud falloff exponent) 0 (none)
Destroyer of Worlds (radiation cloud radius) 3m
Extra Rounds (extra rounds, per on-perk weapon) +10
Fragmentation Rounds (explosion radius multiplier) x1.5
High Impact Rounds (extra damage, ballistic_shell part) 25%
Mad Bomber (explosion radius multiplier) x1.25
Mad Bomber (projectile explodes at any range) yes
Mad Bomber (resistance to slow-mo, on firing) 90%
Shock Trooper (faster reloading) yes
Shock Trooper (knockdown power multiplier) x1.1
Sonic Resistant Rounds (projectiles immune to sonic) yes

Perk Notes

  • Damage modification (passive + skills): Passive damage bonus, Door Traps, Bombardier, High Impact Rounds and Armor Piercing Rounds skills affect damage of all on-perk weapons (including Knife) or on-perk damage types (note that M16 M203 Assault Rifle does not get any bonuses towards its bullet damage). Damage ROUNDED.
  • Skill (Armor Piercing Rounds): Any hit zone with damage scale multiplier greater than 1 is considered to be "critical". Due to their nature, explosives do damage only to the body health and do not trace hit zones so this skill will apply additional damage only through ballistic impact. Skill also increases Shrapnel damage of the Blunderbuss, all ZED MKIII damage, HRG Tommy Boom's and blunt damage of the Pulverizer when hitting "critical" zones.
  • Skill (Concusive Rounds): Skill increases knockdown / stun / stumble / gun hit / melee hit power for all on-perk damage types. Knockdown power multiplier of this skill stack with the Shock Trooper as a sum, total multiplier = 1 + 0.5 + 0.1 = 1.6.
  • Skill (Destroyer of Worlds): Initial explosion does x1.5 more damage than base value (and also supposed to have x1.35 wider radius, although this part does not work due to replacement of explosion-responsible actor class). For the duration of radiation cloud its damage drops down to 20 points of toxic damage (affected by perk's damage bonuses). The initial explosion and radiation cloud both have radius of 3 meters, cloud does damage for a total of 8 seconds within 1 second intervals. Additionally ZED start suffering from the toxic DOT: duration - 5 seconds, interval - 0.3 seconds, damage scale of radiation cloud - x1. Minimal interval between two Nukes - 0.25s (for multi-pellet weapons). Nuke explosion and its radiation cloud passes through closed doors, damaging ZEDs.
  • Skills (Destroyer of Worlds, Mad Bomber): Player takes no self damage from explosives when utilizing either of skills AND while ZED Time is still active. Mad Bomber's explosion radius modifier is additive to Fragmentation Rounds: 1.5 + 0.25 = 1.75. Projectile gets its arm distance set to 0 when it spawns while ZED Time is still active, arm distance is only set once and does not change when ZED Time is over.
  • Skill (Extra Rounds): Dynamite Grenades, C4 Explosives and HRG Bombardier do not recieve additional ammunition.
  • Skill (Fragmentation Rounds): Explosion radius multiplier of this skill stack with the Mad Bomber as a sum, total multiplier is 1.5 + 0.25 = 1.75. This skill affects perk's own grenade and off-perk weapons too. It increases radius of ballistic-explosive projectiles (HX25, M79, HRG Tommy Boom, HRG Kaboomstick, HRG Bombardier's grenades, Seal Squeal, M203 / incendiary M203, RPG-7, Seeker Six, Husk Cannon, Blunderbuss, M32, ZED MKIII), C4, HRG Crossboom, Pulverizer, Gravity Imploder, Hemoclobber, HRG Vampire, Mine Reconstructor and Compound Bow's cryo arrow. It does not affect radius of the HRG Locust and HRG Medic Missile.
  • Skill (High Impact Rounds): Only Ballistic_Shell projectiles do additional damage. HRG Kaboomstick's pellets and HRG Crossboom's arrows are affected (impact only). HX25 Grenade Pistol's pellets, Shrapnel of the Blunderbuss, HRG Tommy Boom and ZED MKIII (microwave projectiles) are not affected. Skill as well affects blunt damage of the Pulverizer and piercing damage of the HRG Crossboom.
  • Skill (Shock Trooper): Skill activates elite reload animations for weapons, their durations can be found at respective pages. However it has different effect on M32 Grenade Launcher - this weapon does not have elite reload, the skill instead multiplies its reload time values by x0.8.

On-perk Weapons

Following weapons and damage types are associated with the Demolitionist. They are getting damage bonuses and buffs to their attributes from the respective skills:

Weapons Damage Types
AssaultRifle_M16M203 (bullet damage is NOT affected by skills) Ballistic_BlunderbussImpact, Ballistic_BlunderbussShards (child of Piercing), Explosive_Blunderbuss
Blunt_Pulverizer (both - melee and explosion DO get the bonuses) Ballistic_GravityImploderImpact, Ballistic_GravityImploderImpactAlt, Explosive_GravityImploder, Explosive_GravityImploderWave
DynamiteGrenade Ballistic_HRG_Boomy, Explosive_HRG_Boomy
GravityImploder Ballistic_HRG_Kaboomstick, Explosive_HRG_Kaboomstick, Proj_Explosive_HRG_Kaboomstick
GrenadeLauncher_HX25 Ballistic_HRG_Warthog (child of Ballistic_Shell), Explosive_HRG_Warthog, HRG_Warthog_HighExplosive
GrenadeLauncher_M32 Ballistic_HX25SubmunitionImpact, ExplosiveSubmunition_HX25
GrenadeLauncher_M79 Ballistic_M16M203, Ballistic_M203Impact, Explosive_M16M203
HRG_Boomy Ballistic_M32Impact, Explosive_M32
HRG_Crossboom Ballistic_M79Impact, Explosive_M79
HRG_Warthog (internal name for HRG Bombardier) Ballistic_MedicRifleGrenadeLauncherImpact (child of Ballistic_Shell)
HuskCannon Ballistic_RPG7Impact, Explosive_RPG7, Explosive_RPG7BackBlast
Knife_Demolitionist Ballistic_SealSquealImpact, Explosive_SealSqueal
Pistol_Blunderbuss Ballistic_Seeker6Impact, Explosive_Seeker6
RocketLauncher_RPG7 Ballistic_ZedMKIII_Rocket (child of Ballistic_Shell), Explosive_ZedMKIII, Microwave_ZedMKIII
RocketLauncher_SealSqueal Bludgeon_Pulverizer, Bludgeon_PulverizerBash, Bludgeon_PulverizerHeavy, Explosive_Pulverizer
RocketLauncher_Seeker6 Explosive_C4
Shotgun_HRG_Kaboomstick Explosive_DoorTrap
Thrown_C4 Explosive_DynamiteGrenade
ZedMKIII Explosive_HRG_Crossboom, Explosive_HRG_CrossboomAlt, Piercing_HRG_Crossboom
Explosive_HuskCannon, HuskCannonDot (child of Fire), Explosive_HuskCannonImpact (child of Ballistic_Shell)

Despite Ballistic_M16M203 being on-perk damage type, Demolitionist does not get damage bonuses towards it. Commando, on the other hand, does get all the bonuses.


Keep your eyes on the small ZEDs like Crawlers and Stalkers - as a "big ZED hunter" you are quite vulnerable to sudden close range attacks. Getting the M16 for self-defense purposes is a wise choice.

Don't forget that Scrakes resist explosive damage but are extremely vulnerable to the ballistic impact of the RPG-7 rocket, it is not necessary to be point blank for this to work - the projectile does damage at any range, regardless of whether it explodes or not.

Boost the Dynamite's stun power by picking up Concussive Rounds. This will let you stun Scrakes and unraged Fleshpounds for safer kills.

Work together - combine the passive ability to set up door traps with Support's ability to repair destroyed doors. For better effect don't forget to keep the door "alive" until it has enough ZEDs behind it.

Using the Pulverizer might not be a good idea at all - you're nowhere nearly as tough as Berserker. For sake of safe parrying attacks of big ZEDs instead try Hemoclobber - it is lighter, it heals and it also gets bigger explosion radius when used along the Fragmentation Rounds and Mad Bomber skills.

The Fragmentation Rounds skill greatly improves the lethal radius of the projectile if you use it against small ZEDs like Clots, Crawlers and Stalkers. On the other hand those Sirens could be a real problem without Sonic Resistant Rounds. Mind the distance when using Fragmentation Rounds with the Seal Squeal - ZEDs struck by its projectiles might survive the impact, and will run towards you exploding shortly after. To avoid the huge explosion radius use alt-fire as soon as possible.

If you have either of level 25 skills, are being surrounded by ZEDs, and ZED Time occurs- shoot under your feet with an explosive weapon: not only it will kill or poison all nearby ZEDs but it will also not harm you whatsoever.

Damage done by Nuked projectiles pass through walls and doors, use this ability to safely eliminate ZEDs located behind welded doors.

The alternative firing mode of the Blunderbuss allows you to shoot piercing shrapnel similar to shotguns. In close range with multiple ZEDs upon you it might be wise to use it as opposed to the cannon ball.

The HRG Kaboomstick allows you to gain extra height while jumping and firing both barrels under your feet at the same time, just like Double-barreled Boomstick. Use this as an opportunity to get away when you trapped in corner.


  • According to the character's favourite weapon lines, Anton Strasser, Ana Larive, Lt. Bill Masterson, and Hayato Tanaka are the Demolitionist of the team. Although Ana Larive is the only character that has 4 explosive weapons among her favourites.
  • Oddly enough the Demolitionist gains no damage bonuses towards the M16's bullets at all. For the reference the HX25's pellet impacts (which counted as "ballistic shotgun") are actually being affected by passive bonus and by Bombardier, High Impact Rounds and Armor Piercing Rounds skills.