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Killing Floor 2 perk
General Information
XP Objectives
• Dealing SWAT weapon damage.
• Killing Clots with SWAT weapons.
Starting Loadout
MP7 SMG 9mm Pistol
Tactical Knife FlashBang
Perk Information
• Short Range
• Front Rank
• Clear Out Weaker Zeds
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• High Rate of Fire
• Large Amounts of Ammo
• Enhanced Armor
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• Limited Penetration
• Less Accurate at Long Range
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Target Priority
Technical Information
Related Achievements
Console Achievements / Trophies

The SWAT perk is the close range combatant that hoses ZEDs down with submachinegun fire, hacking through them with a storm of lead and steel. Using a variety of submachine-guns, the SWAT perk has the highest rate of fire of any perk; while each individual bullet may not inflict much damage, they can rarely fire just one bullet. The SWAT perk belongs in the thick of combat and can mow down less powerful Zeds like a scythe through wheat.

General Information

The SWAT is a well-rounded ZED killing machine specializing in sub-machine gun usage. The bullet hose nature of the SWAT's weapons leave the ZEDs no chance to stand their ground for long. The SWAT's arsenal also offers the FlashBang grenade, one of the most efficient ways to stun ZEDs.

SWAT skill choices let them focus on either improving their crowd control abilites as well as their own "tankiness" by adding buffs to the armor, stumble power and the sidearms or on enhancing their weaponry by giving it more ammo, stopping power and better handing.

Weapon List

Tommy Gun
HRG Nailgun
Heckler & Koch UMP
Riot Shield & Glock 18 (DLC)
Kriss SMG
HRG Stunner
G36C Assault Rifle (DLC)
HRG Bastion
HMTech-201 SMG
Mac 10
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Tactical Knife
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Bonus Experience

SWAT receive bonus XP for killing Clots.

Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
Bonus Experience 2 3 4 7

Perk Bonuses

This table represents the passive stat bonuses the SWAT receives.

Perk Weapon Damage
max. 25%
( Increase perk weapon damage 1% per level. )
Bullet Resistance
max. 30%
( Increase resistance to projectile damage 5%, increases 1% each level. )
Increased Mag Size
max. 100%
( Increase magazine size 4% per level. )
Weapon Switch
max. 25%
( Increase weapon switch speed 1% per level. )

Perk Skills

This table represents the active abilities the SWAT has access to. You have the option of choosing one per tier.

Heavy Armor Training
Tactical Movement
While you have body armor, you only take Health damage from sonic attacks and clots can’t grab you. You begin each game with 50% Armor. Move and sprint faster. No movement penalty for using iron sights or crouch movement with perk weapon.
Assault Techniques
Close Combat Training
Tactical Reload
Increase damage with your 9mm pistol / hrg 93r, your knife and your bash attacks 100%. You begin each game with dual 9mm pistols / dual hrg 93r pistols. Increase reload speed with perk weapons.
Suppression Rounds
Ammo Vest
Increase stumble power 100% with all perk weapons. Carry up to 30% more ammo for each perk weapon.
Defensive Techniques
Assault Armor
Maximum Armor increases by 50%. You begin each wave with additional 50% Armor. Multiple hits with Perk weapons will slow Zeds down by 30%. Head and weak spot shots apply it twice as fast.
Specialist Training
ZED TIME - Battering Ram
ZED TIME - Rapid Assault
During Zed time, you move fast in real-time and deal massive damage and knockdown to any Zed that touches you. During ZED Time, when using perk weapons you have unlimited ammo, shoot in near real-time, and increase stumble power by 100%.

Actual Stats

Ammo Vest (extra maximum spare ammo) 30%
Assault Armor (armor added, at the beginning of each wave) up to +75
Assault Armor (armor on respawn, add, points) 75
Assault Armor (extra max armor points) +50
Battering Ram (bump cooldown) 0.1s
Battering Ram (bump damage) 450
Battering Ram (damage type) bludgeon
Battering Ram (player knocks ZEDs down, on bump) yes
Battering Ram (player movement resistant to slow-mo) yes
Battering Ram (speed scale, in ZED Time) x1.25
Close Combat Training (extra damage, 9mm(s) / 93R(s) / knife) 100%
Close Combat Training (extra damage, all "bludgeon" damage) 100%
Close Combat Training (player spawn with dual 9mms / 93R(s)) yes
Cripple (snare power, add, per hit) 15
Cripple (ZED's movement speed multiplier) x0.7
Heavy Armor Training (armor absorption percentage) 100%
Heavy Armor Training (armor on respawn, add, % of max value) 50%
Heavy Armor Training (Clots cannot grab the player) yes
Heavy Armor Training (incoming damage multiplier) x0.65
Rapid Assault (resistance to slow-mo, on firing) 51%
Rapid Assault (stumble power multiplier) x2
Rapid Assault (weapon does not consume ammo) yes
Suppression Rounds (stumble power multiplier) x3
Tactical Movement (ADS / crouch move speed, times faster) x2.5
Tactical Movement (ADS bob damping factor) x1.11
Tactical Movement (speed multiplier, with on-perk weapons) x1.2
Tactical Reload (faster reloading) yes

Perk Notes

  • Damage modification (passive): Passive damage bonus affecting damage of all on-perk weapons (including Knife) or on-perk damage types. Damage ROUNDED.
  • Passive (Bullet resistance): Player takes up to 30% less damage from all weapons that use "Ballistic" damage type. This includes Patriarch's Minigun bullets. Damage to take is ROUNDED.
  • Passive (Weapon switch): Bonus decreases time that it takes to equip and putdown the weapon by up to 25% making weapon swaps x1.33 faster at level 25. Bonus works with all weapons.
  • Skill (Assault Armor, Heavy Armor Training): Amount of the armor given from both skill stack. Heavy Armor Training skill prevents players from being grabbed by Clots even when they do not wear / have any armor at all. Heavy Armor Training skill has 100% damage absorption rate (acting like a second health pool), furthermore it decreases all incoming damage towards it by 35% (x0.65 damage multiplier to armor) as long as player has some armor left. Assault Armor skill adds up to +75 points to player's current armor value at the beginning of each wave (50% of max armor value, will not surpass cap of 150).
  • Skill (Battering Ram): During the ZED Time player speed up by 25%. Every ZED touched by player takes bump damage and gets knocked down unless the limit of already knocked ZEDs is reached (see afflictions). Bump has cooldown of 0.1s (in ZED Time it is slowed along the world). ZED that cannot be knocked down due to the knockdown limit will, instead, be stumbled but will still take bump damage.
  • Skill (Close Combat Training): Extra damage affects all knives, 9mm Pistol(s) / HRG 93R Pistol(s) and ALL "bludgeon" damage types (be it buttstock bash with any weapon or melee weapon such as Pulverizer) except Battering Ram bump and Doshinegun shot. Extra damage example: 9mm Pistol (25 points of damage) with Close Combat Training skill does Roundup (25 + 25x1.0) = 50 points of damage. Unlike Commando's counterpart, this skill DOES NOT work along the passive damage bonus when it comes to calculation of knife damage. It is either bonus from passive (without this skill) OR bonus from the skill itself. Unlike Commando's counterpart, this skill DOES increase damage of the Flashbang grenade when it is thrown while holding either 9mm(s) / 93R(s) or a Knife.
  • Skill (Cripple): Skill works only with on-perk damage types.
  • Skill (Rapid Assault, Suppression Rounds): Due to calculation specifics both skills give total stumble power multiplier of 4. Suppression Rounds skill works only with on-perk weapons, while the Rapid Assault skill works with all weapons (even off-perk). Resistance to slow-mo and unlimited ammo in ZED Time also works with the Dual 9mm Pistols / Dual HRG 93R Pistols.
  • Skill (Tactical Movement): Player walks and sprints 20% faster with on-perk weapons or 9mm Pistol(s) / HRG 93R Pistol(s).

On-perk Weapons

Following weapons and damage types are associated with the SWAT. They are getting damage bonuses and buffs to their attributes from the respective skills:

Weapons Damage Types
AssaultRifle_G36C Ballistic_G18, Bludgeon_G18Shield, Bludgeon_G18Shield_Impulse
AssaultRifle_Thompson Ballistic_G36C
FlashBangGrenade Ballistic_HK_UMP
HRG_BarrierRifle Ballistic_HRG_BarrierRifle (child of Ballistic_AssaultRifle)
HRG_Nailgun Ballistic_HRG_Stunner, Ballistic_HRG_Stunner_Alt, Explosive_HRG_Stunner
HRG_Stunner Ballistic_HRGNailgun (child of Piercing)
Knife_SWAT Ballistic_Kriss
SMG_G18 Ballistic_MP5RAS
SMG_HK_UMP Ballistic_MP7
SMG_Kriss Ballistic_P90
SMG_Mac10 Ballistic_SMG_Medic
SMG_Medic Ballistic_Thompson
SMG_MP5RAS Bludgeon_G18Shield, Bludgeon_G18Shield_Impulse
SMG_MP7 Explosive_FlashBangGrenade
SMG_P90 Fire_Mac10 (child of Ballistic_SMG)
Piercing_KnifeStab_SWAT, Slashing_Knife_SWAT, Slashing_KnifeHeavy_SWAT
SWATBatteringRam (child of Bludgeon)

SWAT's passive damage bonus does not affect Mac 10's DOT damage.


Just like your "AR-twisted brother", you are among the first who meets the ZED hordes. Your weapons fire quickly but deal rather low damage per bullet, so aim for the head!

Conserve your ammo: your ammunition is quite expensive, so in early waves make use of the Close Combat Training skill to one-shot-kill small ZEDs and save yourself some SMG ammo. Don't forget that your weapons also have a single/burst firing mode which will help too.

You are predominately a trash killing perk, but unlike the Firebug, your play-style does not cause grievance when playing alongside precision perks like Sharpshooters, and to some extent, Gunslingers and Commandos. Sharing lanes together makes for a much more effective and synergised strategy.

The SWAT is notorious for having an overall low damage output, especially when it comes to taking down Scrakes and Fleshpounds on higher difficulties. One way to alleviate this is to have a Medic on your team who has the Focus Injection perk skill active. The bonus damage you receive from heals can boost your damage up to 20%, a noticeable difference!

While you might want to improve your team-play by having the healing-capable HMTech-201 SMG in your inventory don't forget that this is the only SMG that cannot kill any basic ZED with a single headshot.

Combine the stun effect of the Flash Bang grenade with the Kriss' high rate of fire for safe Scrake / Fleshpound takedowns.

The HRG Nailgun is a game changer for you, from this point on you ARE a big ZED killer. Given its big magazine size, piercing damage and full-auto shotgun mode (3 projectiles fired at time at rate of 500 RPM) this thing melting big ZEDs like a knife through butter. Just don't forget to conserve your ammo.

Sometimes playing defensively isn't a bad idea at all. You might limit your load-out firepower but by picking the heavy Riot Shield & Glock 18 you enhance your defensive capabilities. You can mitigate half of the all incoming damage (ranged too) but it only works if you're aiming down the sights. It's recommended to take the Tactical Movement skill for better speed. ZEDs too close? Bash 'em - the shield lets you damage multiple ZEDs at a time, although the damage isn't really great the incapacitation does help.


  • According to the character's favourite weapon lines, DJ Scully, Classic Briar, Rae Higgins and Anton Strasser are SWATs of the team.