Dystopia 2029

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Killing Floor 2 Official Community map
Dystopia 2029
General Information
Author Sean 'synchaoz' Nielsen
Trader Locations 5
Collectibles Dosh Necklace (29)
Map Information
Weapon Spawns {{{WeaponSpawns}}}
Ammo Spawns 35
Player Spawns 36
Zed Spawns 364
Technical Information
Related Achievements
PS4 Trophies

Dystopia 2029 is a community-made official Killing Floor 2 map. It was added in the game as a part of Dystopian Devastation update. It is standard-issue survival map compatible with Survival, Endless and Versus game modes.

Promo Page Description

You know you Mercs are at the top of the list we call and send in first when something strange happens, but after what happened the last time... Well let’s just say the suits upstairs want expendable eyes to recon a new mystery. A city this time. Which, interestingly enough, has seemed to pop up out of nowhere. No record of it on any maps we are able to dig up, digital or otherwise.

We've picked a few blocks just east of the city center, office buildings, open spaces, once busy streets, you know the type. As always we urge you to exercise caution during this mission. What’s still out there, and working, may not be for much longer, especially as you toss around bullets and explosives. What we’ve seen of this place so far looks like some of this tech is both familiar, but yet uniquely different. As if science had taken a slightly different path a few decades ago, leading to a new dark and dangerous future, at least a different one from where we currently find ourselves.

Keep your wits handy as you may be needing to change your chosen holdout location during an assault if things start going dark, and the smoggy streets may not provide the safety you seek. So get out there and recon this "Dystopia"... Oh and do try and come back alive.


Upon completion of series of objectives on Dystopia 2029 during the Dystopian Devastation event players were rewarded with the "Cyborg | Companion Backpack | Precious" cosmetic accessory.

Icon Name Description
Cyber Threat Kill 15 Bosses on any map or mode
Weekly Hack Complete the Weekly on Dystopia 2029
AI out of control Kill 50 E.D.A.R.s on Dystopia 2029
Not a Simulation Complete a wave without taking any damage 10 times on Dystopia 2029
Brave Zed World Complete wave 15 on Endless Hard or higher difficulty on Dystopia 2029