Microwave Gun

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Killing Floor 2 item
Microwave Gun
"Fire mode uses microwaves to heat Zeds at range, burning them inside and out."
"Alt-fire unleashes a close-range microwave blast."
"The wonders of modern technology: a handheld Zed-cooker."
General Information
Pricing 1500
Ammo Cost 100
Weapon Type Electric Weapon
Alternative Weapon Type Electric Weapon
Weapon Information
Starting Ammo 100
Block (multiplier for incoming damage) ×Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".
Parry (multiplier for incoming damage) ×Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".
Secondary Attack
Ammo Type Blast
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Fire Rate
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Ammo Consumption (per use) 10
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Close range directional explosion
Consumes 10 units of primary ammo
Technical Information
Related Achievements
PS4 Trophies

The Microwave Gun is one of the Firebug's tier 4 weapons. Its primary fire creates a beam of directed microwaves that constantly damage ZEDs at high rate. The alt-fire creates a devastating orb (close-range directional explosion) with a massive knockback and knockdown power. Due to its damage type ("Microwave") and resistances of various ZEDs, the Microwave Gun is generally more effective to use against medium and big ZEDs while leaving small ZEDs to Flamethrower or other weapon that applies "Fire" type of the damage.

Description & Flavor Text

-"Fire mode uses microwaves to heat Zeds at range, burning them inside and out. Alt-fire unleashes a close-range microwave blast."

-"The wonders of modern technology: a handheld Zed-cooker."

Technical Information


  • Primary (per direct hit) = 16.
  • Alt-fire explosion = 210.
  • Bash = 29.

Damage Type = Microwave (Direct Hit, Splash Damage, Alt-Fire, DOT), Fire (Ground Fire).

Alt-fire Explosion:

Microwave Gun's alt-fire attack creates a directional explosion (60 degrees cone) that has high amount of the knockdown power. This explosion also applies momentum on ZEDs effectively pushing them back off from the player's location. Amount of the pushback momentum depends on the ZED's mass. Generally lesser ZEDs are pushed farther.

  • Explosion Radius = 7.5 meters.
  • Explosion Falloff = Linear.

Rate Of Fire:

  • Primary = 857 RPM.
  • Alt-fire = 60 RPM.
  • Bash = 50.

Splash Damage:

Microwave Gun applies Direct Hit damage to the player's initial target and at the same time at the same rate all nearby targets take indirect damage referred as Splash Damage. Amount of the Splash Damage decreases linearly from the distance of player's initial target.

  • Splash Damage = 10.
  • Radius = 3 meters.
  • Falloff = Linear.

Ground Fire:

Spraying beam ("fire") at the ground creates a Ground Fire, a small bonfire that lasts for a short period of time and does damage to ZEDs independently from Direct Hits, Splash and Afterburn. Amount of the Ground Fire damage decreases linearly from the distance of bonfire epicenter.

  • Ground Fire Damage = 5.
  • Radius = 1m.
  • Falloff = Linear.

Ground Fire spawned at rate of 1 per every 0.1 second, lasts for total of 2.5 seconds and does damage within 0.25 seconds intervals. Multiple Ground Fire sources do not overlap each other, player cannot create a new bonfire on top of the current, instead there has to be a small distance between two - 0.25 meters.

Afterburn DOT:

Damaging ZED by any type of attack causes it suffer from Damage Over Time which is another independent source of the damage. While Direct Hits ans Splash Damage share the same DOT attributes, Ground Fire has it's own:

  • Afterburn DOT (Direct Hits and Splash):
    • Damage Scale (of respective damage values) = x0.8.
    • Duration = 1.7s.
    • Damage Interval = 0.5s.
  • Afterburn DOT (Ground Fire):
    • Damage Scale (of Ground Fire damage) = x0.5.
    • Duration = 5s.
    • Damage Interval = 1s.

Note that at the same time there can exist only one type of the Fire DOT. By any means only the most effective DOT in terms of total damage (i.e. Damage x Duration / Interval) will be applied on ZED. Each time ZED takes fire damage, game picks up such DOT and applies it on ZED (overwrites current DOT if current DOT is less effective in terms of total damage).

Reload Time = 2.84s (for both tactical and dry reloads).

Equip Time = 0.62s, Putdown Time = 0.52s.

Weapon Powers:

  • Burn power (ground fire) = 7.5.
  • Burn power (primary, per damage tick) = 5.5.
  • Knockdown power (alt-fire) = up to 200.
  • Microwave power (alt-fire) = up to 100.
  • Microwave power, per hit (primary) = 10.
  • Stumble power (primary) = 30.


  • Upgrade 1 (1500): Base damage x1.15 (18 primary, 241 alt-fire), Base weight + 1 (10 total).


  • Upgrades do NOT improve Ground Fire damage but DO improve DOT and Splash damage.
  • Alt-fire of the Microwave Gun pushes ZEDs back.
  • Microwave Gun can create a Ground Fire.
  • Beam impact has Splash Damage.
  • Players do not take Splash Damage, nor the Ground Fire damage.
  • Beam has post-shooting life time where it does damage without consuming ammo (duration - 0.35s), which effectively increases damage output per magazine if player uses tap-fire technique.
  • Beam attack of the Microwave Gun uses "Microwave" for its DOT damage type, however it still considered as "Fire" hence cannot co-exist with other fire DOT damage types.


Quite effective against E.D.A.Rs due to their weakness to microwave damage type.

Despite being the top-tier iteration of the fire-vomiting weapon-class, the Microwave Gun asks for a modified approach to the familiar formula. Study horde composition to judge whether to make ground-fire, microwave ZEDs directly, or mulch them all with an explosion.

Doing away with basic ZEDs (Stalker, Crawler, any type of Clot) is the normal affair, even with neutered ground fire, but being cornered by Gorefast and Gorefiend is a thing of the past. Given a half-second of impact exposure, they pop just like a Cyst. The same can be said of all ZEDs with metal in their bodies although you should still exercise caution against bigger targets. Scrakes and Fleshpounds might be vulnerable to it, but it will not be a fast, clean solo kill.

What your extra couple hundred wads buys you is the alternate fire, an exotic, close-range, semi-auto M79 on demand for the cost of ten fuel. Knock all ZEDs, even Quarter Pounds, to the ground or gory oblivion, blow an impromptu escape route through a wall of Bloats, and even push back Scrakes and Fleshpounds until they fall apart. The Microwave Gun makes you the king of kite so long as your fuel holds out.