HRG Incision

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Killing Floor 2 item
HRG Incision
"Fire mode shoots high velocity electrical rounds."
"Alt-fire shoots healing darts to heal team members."
General Information
Pricing 1500
Ammo Cost 14
Weapon Type Rifle
Alternative Weapon Type {{{AlternativeWeaponType}}} [[File:KF2_WeaponType_{{{AlternativeWeaponType}}}_Gray.png|top|20px|link=]]
Weapon Information
Starting Ammo 1 + 12
Block (multiplier for incoming damage) ×Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".
Parry (multiplier for incoming damage) ×Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".
Secondary Attack
Ammo Type Healing Darts
Magazine Size 100
Spare Ammo Capacity infinite
Fire Rate
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Starting Ammo 100 + Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".
Ammo Consumption (per use) 50
Ammo Cost {{{SecondaryAmmunition_AmmoCost}}}
Heal Amount 40 ✚
Heal Amount (solo) Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".
Full Recharge Time 10s
Full Recharge Time (self injection) Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".s
Technical Information
Related Achievements
PS4 Trophies

The HRG Incision is the Field Medic's tier 4 weapon. It is a modified version of Sharpshooter's Rail Gun built around concept of supporting player's team with both - healing and fire power. Unlike other Field Medic's weapons, the healing darts of the HRG Incision are capable of causing moderate damage to ZEDs at the same time carrying wide variety of incapacitation methods - knockdown, stumble, EMP, gun and melee hits.


"Fire mode shoots high velocity electrical rounds. Alt-fire shoots healing darts to heal team members."

Technical Information

Damage = 400.
Damage (healing dart) = 75.
Damage (buttstock bash) = 30.

Rate Of Fire = 25 RPM.
Rate Of Fire (bash) = 54.

Damage Type = Ballistic, Toxic.
Damage Type Group = Rifle, Toxic.

Healing dart (speed) = 300 m/s.
Projectile (speed) = 300 m/s.
Spread factor = 0.005.
Only fires projectiles in ZED Time.

Force reload (reload delayed for) = 0.50s.
Reload (force reload time + reload time) = 2.41s.

Time (equip) = 0.61s.
Time (put down) = 0.51s.

Weapon Powers:
EMP power (primary) = 50.
Gun hit power (healing dart) = 200.
Gun hit power (primary) = 300.
Knockdown power (healing dart) = 100.
Melee hit power (healing dart) = 100.
Melee hit power (primary) = 100.
Penetration power (for both firing modes) = 10.
Poison power (by Acidic Rounds DOT, per tick) = 200.
Stumble power (healing dart) = 200.
Stumble power (primary) = 400.

Ammo cost (per dart) = 50%.
Heal amount = 40.
Time (full recharge) = 10s.


Upg1 (1500): Base damage x1.2, Base weight + 1, Full recharge time x0.9.


  • Healing dart impact featuring pushback momentum (50000).
  • In both firing modes outside of the ZED Time this weapon is a hitscan.
  • Compare to the Rail Gun's lock-on system, the HRG Incision, which obviously will only lock-on to players, is also barely has any tolerance of maintaining target locked while aiming somewhere else. Unlike Rail Gun, the HRG Incision will only lock-on to the patient when its owner aims directly at this player (the Rail Gun, however, will lock-on to ZED even if there will be small gap between ZED's location and player's aiming point). Once locked on, the HRG Incision also has two times longer time to keep its target after putting sights away from the patient (0.4s vs Rail Gun's 0.2s on ZEDs).
  • Takes only 0.01s to lock-on to patient once they got in sights.
  • Amount of the recoil depends on player stance and movement. Crouching and aiming down the sights gives the lowest possible amount of the recoil.


Effectively grants player an infinite ammunition when attacking ZEDs with healing darts, with rate of fire limited by dart's recharge speed.
Upgraded HRG Incision paired with Field Medic's Battle Surgeon skill, or when used by high level Survivalist, is capable on one-shot-killing Clots on body shots.
Quite effective with the Acidic Rounds skill due to its high per-dart damage.
Alternative firing mode has penetration power as well making it possible to heal multiple players with just one shot.


  • Known bug: its magazine size will only ever be 1 shot, despite the UI saying it has 2 shots when using the Field Medic's level 15 skill Combatant Doctor.
  • In the version 1.088 the HRG Incision was capable of locking not only on players but also on ZED's vulnerable hitzones. This feature was then scrapped in the next patch. It also did 50 points less damage during that time.