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Killing Floor 2 Official Community map
General Information
Author delta-ranger
Trader Locations 6
Collectibles Holographic Projector (30)
Map Information
Weapon Spawns {{{WeaponSpawns}}}
Ammo Spawns 23
Player Spawns 24
Zed Spawns 106
Technical Information
Related Achievements
PS4 Trophies

Desolation is a community-made official Killing Floor 2 map. It was added in the game as a part of Perilous Plunder update. It is standard-issue survival map compatible with Survival, Endless and Versus game modes.

Promo Page Description

Apologies for any confusion, but our previous messaging headers have been co-opted by corporate for some other campaign! If you have nice things, the wonderful team at the main Horzine office is always there to take them (and the credit)... But we digress.

We have intel about your next field locale, which looks to be one of our older black ops complexes. Thought “lost” both in the literal and figurative terms, we’ve found some trace evidence that this may have been done on purpose by the Good Dr, the Patriarch. As they say, science finds a way.

You know what that means, go in, hit the ground running, and find out anything there is to know and report back. This facility features an exterior loading zone and helipad, with an extensive, multi-level interior. If you are a clever merc, you may just be able to get the generators back on. Survival of any intel and assets is a priority and do assume the worst; expect hostiles. It's a jungle out there.

General Information

Desolation is a standard-issue survival map made of few sub-levels with most of the map taking place inside the facility. Players begin their game at any of four spawn locations with two of them being outside, at upper level and two inside the structure, at lower level of the map. Activating the generator in the main room of the facility will provide players with an additional illumination which will last for 5 minutes, generator can be reactivated at any time.

Turning lights on will enable two minigames - training room / killhouse weapon practice and shooting range. In first game playes would have to turn on the button next to one of the room entrances which will activate 14 targets inside, shooting each of their "head" making their color change from orange to green and then pressing "COMPLETE COURSE" button will reward you with showing your total course time on the small panel next to the trader pod.

In shooting range activating the target by pressing button and shooting it for a limited time while this target is at distance will show you total amount of scored hits next to the button.

This map has rather low Spawn Period variable used for evaluation of ZED spawn intervals which makes ZED spawn really fast, so prepare for an action.

This map has an easter egg - a "Vine Head" gorefast. At the lower sub-level of the map, in one of the closed rooms there is a gorefast corpse with vine wrapped around it. When map is loaded there is a 33% probability that instead of its regular head, the gorefast will have pentagram-shaped glowing green flower on its neck. Though its "regular" head with its luminous eyes looks just as creepy.