Barmwich Town

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Killing Floor 2 Official Community map
Barmwich Town
General Information
Author Moon Glint
Trader Locations 5
Collectibles Glowing Skull (30)
Map Information
Weapon Spawns 28
Ammo Spawns 23
Player Spawns 6
Zed Spawns 59
Technical Information
Related Achievements
PS4 Trophies

The Barmwich Town is a community-made official Killing Floor 2 map. Is was added in the game as a part of Blood & Bonfires update. It is a standard-issue survival map compatible with Survival, Endless and Weekly game modes.

Near the player's starting point there is a secret room that players can access by destroying 6 Elemental Medallions scattered around the map, in this room there are 9 weapons that are always available and have respawn time of 45 seconds; weapons are mostly tier 1 but there is a small chance of finding a certain tier 3 or tier 4 gun in there. Some of item pickups outside of the weapon room also have greater chance to spawn an Armor. There are few bonfires and burning objects around the map that cause minor damage to players and ZEDs when they walk over them. Ghosts can be encountered in certain parts of the the map, similar to ones seeing in Ashwood Asylum.


Mercs, Something sinister has brought the Barmwich Town to ruin. We should have known that any place ripe with dark horrors and unnatural mysteries would attract the attention of the zeds.

We need you there to search the town and clear out the infestation. Be careful of the undying fires that have spread throughout the village. For no reason explained by any known science, they continue to burn, never seeming to dim. Perhaps you can use them to your advantage. Most of the larger buildings are not what they once were. Still intact but now threatened by the hordes of monsters. They are in varying stages of disarray with evidence of horrific events that took place.

The town is full of dark paths and alleyways. We are unsure of where they all lead but have heard screams and unnerving noises that may be coming from under the town. What lies beneath this once bustling town center? Brave the shadows to explore every inch of this sunless place.

We have found references to a great tree in the center of town, perhaps this is what led to the demise of the town or brought the zeds here. This tree may be tied to paranormal occurrences. We have uncovered the existence of arcane medallions tied to unfamiliar rituals. Obscure writings mention those that come into possession of all 6 medallions will be rewarded.


Upon completion of series of objectives on Barmwich Town during the Blood & Bonfires event players were rewarded with the "Plague Doctor | Backpack | Precious" cosmetic accessory.

Plague Doctor | Backpack | Precious
Icon Name Description
Creatures of Darkness Kill 15 Bosses on any map or mode
Weekly Witchcraft Complete the Weekly on Barmwich Town
Elemental Medallions Open the Weapon Room
Zeds On Fire Make 50 Zeds to pass through the bonfires of Barmwich Town
Long Night of Witches Complete wave 15 on Endless Hard or higher difficulty on Barmwich Town