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Vault door

In Killing Floor 2, the Vault is a player's personal bank to store cosmetic in-game currency called Vosh. Players earn Vosh by doing Daily Objectives, Weekly Outbreaks, participating and successfully finishing Stand Your Ground and Escort objectives, entering Prestige or doing seasonal time-limited objectives. Small amount of the Vosh is also given to players just by playing game and killing ZEDs.

Upon acquring 500.000 of Vosh players are granted with the Vosh Crate that contains character customization items such as cosmetics or weapon skins.

Vault stylized as a hangar-sized bank storage with two lines of Vosh pallets placed on the floor along it. As the quantity of pallets grows the pallets are being placed on top of each other. Player and 10 initial Vosh pallets are seing at the front of the storage. Should the player earn more Vosh via playing and then press Vault button in main menu, the animation of round vault door opening start playing and few moments later player gets an overview on all of their earned Vosh.

Vault was added in the game in Halloween Horrors 2017 update.


Vosh Crate

Daily Objectives

Each daily objective offers 50.000 Vosh which is 1/10 of what it takes to earn one Vosh Crate.

Finish (win) the map as a certain character.
Finish specific map on a certain difficulty.
Earn 1500 XP as a certain perk.
Deal certain amount of the damage with a specific weapon.
Kill specific ZED for a certain amount of times.

Weekly Objectives

Require players to successfully finish current week's outbreak, either solo or co-op. It offers 10 times more Vosh than single daily objective - 500.000 which is enough to aquire one Vosh Crate.


Prestiging single perk grants players 2.000.000 Vosh which is equal to 4 Vosh Crates.

Event Objectives

Nearly every major Killing Floor 2 update brings in time-limited objectives such as finding ten collectibles in Krampus Lair or killing 25 ZEDs with traps in Monster Ball. These objectives reward players with Vosh and cosmetic items. Usually each event objective provides 150.000 Vosh.