HMTech-101 Pistol

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Killing Floor 2 item
HMTech-101 Pistol
"Fire mode is semi-auto only."
"Alt-fire shoots healing darts to heal team members."
"Using caseless ammunition, it counts the rounds for you."
General Information
Pricing 200
Ammo Cost 10
Weapon Type Pistol
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Weapon Information
Starting Ammo 15 + 120
Block (multiplier for incoming damage) ×Expression error: Unexpected round operator.
Parry (multiplier for incoming damage) ×Expression error: Unexpected round operator.
Secondary Attack
Ammo Type Healing Darts
Magazine Size 100
Spare Ammo Capacity infinite
Fire Rate
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Starting Ammo 100 + Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".
Ammo Consumption (per use) 50
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Heal Amount 15 ✚
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Full Recharge Time 15s
Full Recharge Time (self injection) Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".s
Technical Information
Related Achievements
PS4 Trophies

The HMTech-101 Pistol is the Field Medic's starting weapon. It is a futuristic pistol that fires caseless ammo, equipped with a reflex sight and a healing dart shooter. Its reflex sight tracks ammo count and healing dart progress. The HMTech-101 Pistol is also used as a basis for most of the HMTech series weapons.

It has a magazine of 15 rounds, plus a constantly recharging dart system that allows it to fire 2 darts before needing to recharge. With a full supply of ammo, it can reload 16 times + its initial magazine.

As a part of the multi-perk weapon system, the HMTech-101 Pistol also belongs to the arsenal of the Gunslinger.

Description & Flavor Text

- "Fire mode is semi-auto only. Alt-fire shoots healing darts to heal team members."

- "Using caseless ammunition, it counts the rounds for you."

Technical Information


  • Per bullet = 20.
  • Bash = 21.

Rate Of Fire:

  • Semi-auto only = 342 RPM.
  • Bash = 60.

Damage Type = Ballistic, Toxic.

Damage Type Group = Handgun.

Reload Time:

  • Tactical Reload:
    • Normal = 2.25s,
    • Elite = 1.69s.
  • Dry Reload:
    • Normal = 2.07s,
    • Elite = 1.20s.

Equip Time = 0.34s, Putdown Time = 0.42s.

Weapon Powers:

  • Gun hit power = 45.
  • Acidic Rounds poison power per tick = 200.


  • Ammo cost per dart = 50% (2 darts).
  • Heal amount = 15 HP per dart.
  • Fully recharge from 0% = 15s.


Upgrade 1 (500): Base damage x1.7 (34 per bullet), Base weight + 0 (1 total), Full recharge time x0.9 (13.5 seconds).

Upgrade 2 (600): Base damage x2 (40 per bullet), Base weight + 1 (2 total), Full recharge time x0.8 (12 seconds).

Upgrade 3 (700): Base damage x2.55 (51 per bullet), Base weight + 2 (3 total), Full recharge time x0.7 (10.5 seconds).

Upgrade 4 (1500): Base damage x3 (60 per bullet), Base weight + 3 (4 total), Full recharge time x0.6 (9 seconds).


  • Amount of recoil depends on player stance and movement. Crouching and aiming down sights gives the lowest amount of the recoil.
  • Healing darts will make a sound when it tracks a valid healing target, and will home in slightly when you fire.
  • Healing darts are capable of hitting ZEDs, applying a fairly low amount of poison on hit.
  • A small line appears on the reflex sight, indicating how much healing dart ammo is needed to fire a dart.
  • Weighing in at only 1, this is the lightest weapon available to buy.
  • Costs 3300 Dosh to fully upgrade.
  • Costs 170 Dosh to fully replenish ammo from 0 bullets.

Skill Synergies

  • The Field Medic's level 10 skill Combatant Doctor increases its already decent magazine size of 15 to an impressive 23, giving you longer staying power in fights before having to reload.
    • Combined with the level 15 skill Acidic Rounds and level 20 skill Battle Surgeon, they make the HMTech-101 an incredibly powerful weapon for its light weight and tier.
  • The Gunslinger's level 10 skill Rack 'em Up and level 15 skill Speedloader turns the normally modest pistol into a high-capacity powerhouse, able to pop the heads off of ZEDs with ease.


Only weighing 1 block, this lightweight weapon is certainly worth purchasing off-perk to help your Field Medic (or lack of one) keep up with constantly damaged teammates.

Headshots with the HMTech-101 will decapitate Clots, Stalkers and Crawlers in one hit, but its low damage will mean they may stumble around when decapitated for some time. Gorefasts and Bloats will be difficult to deal with when using the HMTech-101, even when you constantly hit headshots; it may take nearly an entire magazine to down a Bloat.

It is recommended to hang onto your the HMTech-101 and upgrade it when you can, as its light weight will mean it pairs well with most Field Medic loadouts, giving you extra backup healing when needed.

For Gunslingers, the HMTech-101 is an incredibly handy backup weapon to have (especially when upgraded) due to its high magazine capacity, low weight, and decently fast reload. When combined with the level 10 skill Rack 'em Up, you can constantly keep up a 5-headshot combo going on for much longer than any other solo gun.