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Killing Floor 2 is the sequel to Killing Floor. The game follows the events of the original game and takes place all around the world (mostly in Europe) but also even outside of it. The game was in early access since the April 21st, 2015 on Steam and was fully released on November 18th, 2016.


In Killing Floor 2 players descend into continental Europe after it has been overrun by horrific, murderous clones called ZEDs that were created by the corporation Horzine. The ZED outbreak caused by Horzine Biotech’s failed experiments has quickly spread with unstoppable momentum, paralyzing the European Union. Only a month ago, the first ZED outbreak from the original Killing Floor ripped through London. Now the specimen clones are everywhere.

Civilization is in disarray, communication networks have failed, governments have collapsed, and military forces have been systematically eradicated. The people of Europe are now focused on self-preservation, the lucky few who survived having gone into hiding.

But not all have given up hope - a motley group of civilians, soldiers, and mercenaries have banded together to fight the outbreaks from privately funded bases across Europe. When a specimen clone outbreak is detected, the players are sent into Zed-laden hot zones to exterminate all threats using whatever means necessary. Welcome to the Killing Floor 2.


  • Visceral Gore - Killing Floor 2 ramps up the gore with a proprietary, high powered persistent blood system bringing new levels of fidelity to the genre. Players will send entrails, severed limbs, and blood flying as they wade through hordes of enemies. But they need to watch out! If caught, enemies will rip them, and their entire party limb from limb.
  • 6 player co-op or solo play - A multitude of varied playable characters await for players to choose from as they enter the fray in online co-op mode or solo mode for those willing to brave the horrific specimens alone.
  • Survival mode challenges - Jump right into the action in engaging unlockable "tower challenges". The player must overcome enemy waves to progress through the tower levels. The game will rate the player in different categories like speed and performance. A leaderboards system will rank you against your friends, so the challenge never ends.
  • Terrifying ZEDs - New enemies and fan favorites from the original game are back with expanded and smarter artificial intelligence, dishing out powerful attacks, working as a group to weaken the player’s party and pushing the challenge level and fear factor to new levels.
  • Unique Blend Of Weaponry - From modern militaristic assault rifles, brutal improvised makeshift weapons, classic historical guns, and off the wall “Mad Scientist” weapons, Killing Floor 2 has a unique blend of killing tools that will satisfy any gamer.
  • Expanded Perk System - Perks from the original game have been reimagined with more added to the fold. All perks now progress with meaningful talent choices that amplify different play styles, giving players a progression path that is expansive and full of rewarding milestones.
  • Brutal Melee Combat - Killing Floor 2 reinvents melee combat completely. Players now have control over the type of melee attacks they can perform, enabling them to deliver bone-breaking crippling attacks to ZEDs.
  • ZED Time - Be the action hero you know you are! ZED Time returns to Killing Floor 2 better than ever, kicking everything into slow motion giving you that precious time you need to destroy the oncoming horde while watching your weapons at work in glorious high framerate.

The series main game mode, "Survival", returns. It still consists of up to six players trying to survive waves of ZEDs with the goal of completing all the waves. However, many details have changed without touching the popular formula whose high-quality execution made the game stand out among its peers in the first place:

  • More ZED variations and bosses added into the game.
  • 10 Perks with their unique skills and weapons.
  • Graphics, animations, hitboxes and sounds have been improved.
  • Lightning may now play a significant role in choosing your battlefield, as many light sources underground are classified destructible.
  • A huge variety of weapons is available without "hard" class restrictions.
  • Daily objectives, character customization, accessiories and weapon camouflages.
  • Class progression is less tedious and offer options for skill customization.
  • Choosing a difficulty is not primarily rely on changing the damage and hit point values of the ZEDs.
    Instead, the ZEDs become increasingly dangerous with changes in behavior and new attack variations.
  • Advanced gameplay mechanics and detailed approach to ZED disposal.
  • More gamemodes, maps, events and unique objectives.
  • Regular content updates, patches, bug fixes and much more.

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Killing Floor 2

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