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Player-controlled Scrake
Player-controlled Scrake
For the AI counterpart, see Scrake (Killing Floor 2).

The player-controlled Scrake is one of the playable ZEDs in Killing Floor 2's Versus Mode. It is a melee-only ZED that, along with the Fleshpound, might be considered as a highest threat due to its high amount of the health, speed, damage and ability to perform unparryable AOE attacks with its chainsaw.

Base Statistics

Stat type Normal difficulty
Kill Reward 260
XP Reward 102
Speed (walking) 220
Speed (sprinting) 530
Health (body) 1600
Health (head) 600

For kill reward calculations read Dosh Mechanics.

Due to Game Conductor mechanics, player-controlled Scrakes have their health modified based on the average level of the Survivor team. Values vary within (x0.85 - x2) range.

Damage Resistance

Player-controlled Scrakes have a wide variety of damage type resistances and one notable weakness.

Common Modifiers

Scrakes are neutral to microwave and are resistant to other non-ballistic damage types.

Piercing Slashing Bludgeon Toxic Fire HRGTeslauncherDoT Microwave HRGTeslauncher Explosives Freeze Shells EMP
Damage Multiplier x0.75 x0.6 x0.5 x0.25 x0.3 x0.6 x1 x0.6 x0.4 x1 x1 x1

Scrakes resist to every type of ballistic weaponry except rifles and are significantly resistant against sub-machine guns.

Sub-machine Gun Assault Rifle Shotgun Handgun Rifle Ballistic_Hemogoblin
Damage Multiplier x0.5 x0.7 x0.8 x0.8 x1 x0.75

Weapon-specific Modifiers

Scrakes have only one unique weakness that they share with their AI counterpart which is an impact damage of the RPG-7 projectile.

RPG-7 impact HRGTeslauncher (proj) HRGTeslauncher (DOT)
Damage Multiplier x4 x0.6 x0.6


Scrakes have only one weak spot, which is the head. Their chainsaw mitigates half of the incoming damage.

Damage Multiplier
Head x1.1
Chainsaw x0.5
All other x1

Incapacitation Resistance

Vulnerability mask = (Torso, Head, Legs, Arms, Special).
Stun = (Vulnerability = (0.2, 0.7, 0.2, 0.2, 0.2), Cooldown=10.0, Duration=1.5)
Knockdown = (Vulnerability = (0.2), Cooldown=10)
Stumble = (Vulnerability = (0.1), Cooldown=5)
GunHit = (Vulnerability = (0.2), Cooldown=1.7)
MeleeHit = (Vulnerability = (0.5), Cooldown=1.35)
Poison = (Vulnerability = (0.6), Cooldown=20.0, Duration=1.5)
Microwave = (Vulnerability = (0.5), Cooldown=10.0, Duration=2.5)
FirePanic = (Vulnerability = (0.9), Cooldown=5.0, Duration=3.0)
EMP = (Vulnerability = (0.98), Cooldown=10.0, Duration=2.2)
Freeze = (Vulnerability = (0.5), Cooldown=1.5, Duration=0.5)
Snare = (Vulnerability = (0.7, 0.7, 1, 0.7), Cooldown=8.5, Duration=1.5)
Bleed = (Vulnerability = (0.25))

Attacks and Moves

  • Primary: 2-hit chainsaw combo.
  • Secondary: Powerful chainsaw slashing attack.
  • Secondary + Back: "Gutbuster" stab attack.
  • Bash: AOE spinning attack.

Note: Damage values below vary between (x0.7 - x1.31) based on average level of the human team.

  • Block. Damage multiplier (firearms) - x0.25, Damage multiplier (melee) - x0.25. Cooldown - 0.2s.
  • Heavy attack. Damage - 15. Maximum hit range - 2m. Vs doors - x5 more. Cooldown - 1.5s.
  • Whirlwind attack. Damage - 15. Maximum hit range - 2m. Vs doors - x5 more. Cooldown - 2.5s.
  • Note: Rage (sprint) thresholds: Normal / Hard / Suicidal - 0.75, HOE - 0.9. When enraged Scrake can do bump damage to human players (damage - 2, radius - 2.4m, this type of the damage is radial, i.e. scales over distance).

Damage Scale

  • All melee attacks except for "Gutbuster" attack do full damage to players - x1 and vary by possible amount of the hits.
  • "Gutbuster attack" - x0.5.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Jump cooldown - 1.5s.
  • Player-controlled Scrakes start spawning at the third wave of the normal versus game.
  • Enraged Scrakes do damage to player just by standing nearby.
  • Maximum human-controlled Scrakes allowed, per cycle AND / OR active at once - 2.