Setting Up Doors (Killing Floor 2)

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This document is a HOWTO guide on setting up usable, weldable doors in Killing Floor 2. This document will cover the methods used inside Tripwire Interactive.

Actor Descriptions

KFDoorActor Properties



Mesh Attachments - StaticMesh actor properties used to define the doors that will be on the left and right and attached to the SkeletalMesh actor that is used to operate the door under the hood

Center Weld Component - StaticMesh actor properties used to define the door's weld mesh

Skeletal Mesh Comp - The "under the hood" actor that code uses to operate the door. Generally should not be modified

Damage Emitter - Particle system used when the door is taking damage


Destroyed Emitter - Particle system used when the door is destroyed


Door Material - [EDMT_Metal/EDMT_Wood] Used to define what the door is made of to assist in audio

Max Health - Maximum amount of damage the door can take overall before being destroyed

Max Weld Integrity - Maximum amount of weld "health" the door can have before the weld breaks

Combat Weld Modifier - Amount of mitigation the welding will have when the door is taking damage

Frame Size of Two Doors - The size of the orifice that the door will occupy based on two doors. Under the hood, the doors will be proportionately scaled to fit this value

My Nav Mesh Obstacle - Unused - Used to associate a KFDoorNavMeshObstacle actor to the door (used ONLY with NavMesh)

Broken Door Impulse - the amount of force applied to the doors when they are destroyed. Used in the simulation of the doors coming off the hinges

Max Angular Velocity - used to define the maximum amount of angular twist the doors will have when destroyed. Used in the simulation of the doors coming off the hinges


Door Mechanism - How the door operates

   EDM_Hinge which works like a typical hinged door
   EDM_Slide works by sliding the door open horizontally
   EDM_Lift works like a garage door and opens vertically

Cool Down Time - Amount of time between uses of the door

Open Blend Time - How long it takes to open/close the door

Hinged Rotation - The angular amount the door will open (used ONLY on EDM_Hinge Door Mechanism)

Slide Translation - How far the door will slide when opening (used ONLY on EDM_Slide Door Mechanism)

Lift Translation - How far the door will lift when opening (used ONLY on EMD_Lift Door Mechanism)

Automatic Door - Unused - A setting that allows for doors to automatically open

KFDoorTrigger Properties


Door Actor - Used to associate the KFDoorTrigger to a KFDoorActor

Collision - Collision Radius - Used to define the interaction distance the player/Zed must be within to interact with the door

NOTE: If a Door Actor is not defined, the KFDoorTrigger can be used in otherwise narrow passageways to allow the Zed to pass through easier. The KFDoorTrigger shrinks the collision on the Zed to allow them to pass through single doors.