Setting Up World Info (Killing Floor 2)

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The purpose of this document is to define that which must be set up in the WorldInfo for Killing Floor 2 maps to work and what the particular settings mean.

WorldInfo Properties

Title: Map title

Author: Who made the map

My Map Info:

Wave Respawn Period: How often, in seconds, that the Zed are spawn into the world KFMap Info: Not used Music: The music that will be played (no need to change)

Game Type

This is used to define what game type will be used if the map does not have a prefix. These settings are primarily used in the beginning of development

Default Game Type: What the game will be when played. Usually used when map does not have a prefix

Dafault Game in PIE: The default game type that will be used when using Play In Editor (PIE)

Precomputed Visibility

This setting, when enabled, will calculate precomputed visibility. Traditionally this is used on mobile games and some consoles. It is used in KF2 since we use a deferred renderer instead of the front renderer typically used in Unreal engine based games. The function is to keep the draw calls in a manageable area.