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Incinerate 'N Detonate update

-Circle strafing around Scrake no longer works.

-Small ZEDs now auto rage when there's only one specimen left in the round. Large ZEDs auto rage when there's a low number of specimens left in the round.


Afflictions are the different ways in which a ZED can become immobilized. There are two forms of afflictions: instant and stacking. Instant afflictions include, (listed in in-game priority): Knockdown, Stun, Leg Stumble, Stumble, Melee Hit, Gun Hit. The success of inflecting an affliction will depend on weapon affliction "power" and the ZED's resistance value to the afflictions.

All instant afflictions will give a low health bonus to ZEDS. Upon losing this bonus the ZED will receive an additional low health bonuses to its base resistances. Bonuses increases linearly from 0 to 10, depending on the ZED's remaining health.

Stacking afflictions include following: EMP Panic / EMP Disrupt / Fire Panic / Poison Panic / Microwave Panic. Whether stacking afflictions will occur will depend on Weapon Power, the ZED's Threshold and Dissipation Rate.


Afflicting a ZED with knockdown will cause it to enter into "ragdoll" mode. Knockdown is followed by a recovery animation. Normal knockdown duration (without recovery animation) is 1.5 seconds. This time can be extended if a ZED's body is moving at a velocity faster than 1 meter / second. Only 5 ZEDs are allowed to be in knockdown animation at a time. Knocked down ZEDs will die instantly if it falls from a height greater than 7.5 meters.


A stunned ZED will enter into a "sleeping" stance. Stun duration is random, varying from 2-4 seconds. Stuns are followed by wakeup animations.

Leg Stumble / Stumble

Applying Leg Stumble / Stumble to a ZED causes it to enter into "stumble" stance with a stumble animation lasting from 0.5-0.75 seconds. The stumble animation can be interrupted if the ZED receives damage. In such case the ZED will only interrupt its stumble animation if it has an opportunity to attack a player, therefore If there are no players nearby, the ZED will not interrupt its stumble animation.

Gun / Melee Hit

Gun / Melee hit afflictions are a ZED's reactions to receiving gun or melee damage. Upon hit, the ZED AI will pause for a certain amount of time, varying between ZEDS to recover from melee hits and gun hits. Melee hit recovery time is longer than gun hit recovery time.

Berserker Grenades

These can be used to cancel and delay both the Fleshpound and the Scrake's rage. While in stasis, the effect zeds receive after being hit by the grenade, neither the Scrake nor the Fleshpound will rage again. During this time, the team can team up and take down the zed with relatively low risk. However it takes two EMP grenades to put the Fleshpound into stasis.

This strategy works in the Beta v1003 build in the Hell on Earth difficulty and is worth consideration when trying to make your way through it.

Medic Grenades

These can be used by the Medic to "seal off" areas from low level zeds while the players are dealing with an enraged Scrake or Fleshpound. A well placed grenade in a doorway will kill weak zeds that try to pass through.

Killing Scrakes

All of the Scrakes' attacks can be parried with a melee weapon.