Santa's Workshop

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Killing Floor 2 Tripwire Official map
Santa's Workshop
Kf2 santasworkshop thumbnail.jpg
General Information
Author Tripwire Interactive
Trader Locations
Collectibles Snow Globes
Map Information
Weapon Spawns 9
Ammo Spawns 21
Player Spawns
Zed Spawns
Technical Information
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PS4 Trophies

The Santa's Workshop is a Killing Floor 2 map. Is was added in the game as a part of Season's Beatings update. It is the first map to introduce mandatory "Escort" objectives where players have to protect and deliver payload cart into designated area through a set of checkpoints and additional tasks such as restoring broken fuse boxes and doors, holding areas and activating the levers.


"So here is the plan. First, we have to break into my Workshop, should be easy enough with you there to cover my back. Then we’ll need to acquire a sleigh to haul a large package and move it deeper into the workshop.

From there we’ll need to get some of my old machinery up and running, as we’ll be building a special present for Krampus (that is why we need the sleigh dummies)! But once we’ve got that package ready, there is no turning back.... It packs quite a bit of Christmas spirit!"

General Information

This map is a mix of Houldout style maps where players travel from one location to another with no chance to get back and objective maps where players have accomplish certain tasks, however unlike other maps objectives on this map are mandatory and players have to complete them in order to advance. Should the players fail to protect the cart at late stages, the game ends and players loose which makes Santa's Workshop different from any other survival games where the only loosing condition is the player's death. Santa's Workshop is also the first map to add specific spawning rules for ZEDs.

"Escort" objectives require players to deliver the cart into designated checkpoints. At late stages ZEDs start attacking it, while the cart cannot be destroyed (except for the last stage when the nuke is fully packed), its movement speed depends on its health. Cart has 450 (600 at last stage) maximum health, welder restores 10HP per tick. Cart moves at speed of 100 units / second, two times faster if there are players within 2 meters of it and does not move at all when ZEDs are nearby. Cart moves at full speed when it has 100% HP, at 50% speed when its HP below 50%, at 20% when it is below 20% health and does not move at all when it has no health. Movement speed adjustement only implies loss of health - in order to increase its speed players have to set their health back to the said thresholds, e.g. upon loosing health: 100-50% HP = 100% speed, 50-20% HP = 50% speed, below 20% HP = 20% speed, 0% HP = 0% speed. Upon restoring its health with welder: 0-20% HP = 0% speed, 20%-50% HP - 20% speed, 50-99% HP = 50% speed and 100% HP = full speed again.

Lever activation objectives require players to pull the lever for 3 / 4 / 5 times (objective-specific). Player thresholds to maintain zones secured: 1p - 1, 2p - 1, 3p - 2, 4p - 2, 5p - 3, 6p - 3. ZEDs thresholds: 1p - 5, 2p - 5, 3p - 5, 4p - 4, 5p - 3, 6p - 3. Initial delay before starting the objective - 25s. Lever recharge time - 22s.

Fuse box welding objectives have 22s activation delay. Door repairing objectives - 13s.

Normal spawning rules do not apply on this map. Nearly all of the map objectives use endless ZED spawning, player-specific spawn time modifiers and ZED replacements - Clots, Crawlers and Stalkers there are likely to be replaced by E.D.A.R variants, Bloats by Scrakes, Husks and Sirens by Quarter Pounds and so on.

"Endless" waves provide only 50% of dosh per ZED kill. Krampus (Abomination) has 100% spawn rate.


  • Trader on this map voiced by an american movie actor William Gary Busey.