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Killing Floor 2 Official Community map
Kf2 sanitarium thumb.jpg
General Information
Author Tiša
Trader Locations 4
Collectibles Clot Mother Spawn (30)
Map Information
Weapon Spawns 15
Ammo Spawns 34
Player Spawns 12
Zed Spawns 113
Technical Information
Related Achievements
PS4 Trophies

The Sanitarium is a community-made official Killing Floor 2 map. It was added in the game as a part of Yuletide Horror update.


"Blast away crowds of holiday Zeds as mysterious entities perform a dark ritual to summon the great one."

This Lovecraftian horror themed map takes place at late rainy night in a derelict sanitarium located at the seaside of unknown place. Multiple occult signs and statues is what the players to witness first, but as they proceed deeper and deeper into facility it is getting clear that its most recent habitants were to worship no one but Cthulhu itself - an ancient divine entity.

As players advance "deeper into the madness" the more paranormal and horrifying events and places are being revealed to them - rooms that follow no rules of gravity, portals, prisoners locked in their cells screaming in agony of asphyxia and fire, haunting traps and torture machines.

With every wave finished more and more metaphysical creatures - Cthulhu's worshippers known as "Dreamers" appear in the underground area of the map, performing their dark rituals.

Eventually the weather changes to powerful storm with heavy rain and lightning. A lighthouse and spot lights located at the shore are then getting destroyed and cephalopod-like sea monster (Kraken as you may call it) makes an appearance.

Just before the boss wave the ritual is complete and Cthulhu reveals itself, rising from the bottom of the sea, observing players with its glowing eyes and displaying its strength by gestures and deep terrifying moaning.

Promo Page Description

"The Matriarch hasn't been the only creature lurking on the fringes, so be sure to explore this dreary local and plumb its depths for what secrets it holds. That is if you don’t lose your way, or mind, or life along these twisted paths."

Traps and Events

Quite a lot of environmental traps scattered around the map to assist players, two of them are this map's signature - Suction Trap which is the giant Kraken-like creature (or its part, at least) located at the shore, in the garden. The other trap is one of the creature's tentacles can be spotted not far from the left sanitarium entrance.

  • Storm starts after 30s once this wave has started: Normal - 3, Medium - 4, Long - 5, Endless - after 5 min.
  • Cthulhu appears at this wave: Normal - 4, Medium - 6, Long - 9, Endless - after 20 min.
  • Suction Trap: Damage = 40 (5 to players) points, damage interval = 0.2s, Duration = 8 seconds (pre-activation takes 4 seconds). Damage type = Toxic (for players), no specific damage type against ZEDs - they all take full damage of it. Trap re-activation delay = 45s.
  • Tentacle Whip: Damage = 100 (10 to players). Knocks ZEDs down. Re-activation delay = 10s.
  • Trap Floor: Duration = 4.75s, Re-activation delay = 20s. The area underneath this trap allows players to mitigate 40% of all incoming damage (from falling and ZED attacks too), this rule applies on ZEDs as well.
  • Incinerator Trap: Damage = 4, Interval = 1s, Duration = 7s (once doors are closed) . DOT: Scale - x1.5, Duration - 5s, Interval - 1s. Re-activation delay = 15s.
  • Cage Trap lasts for 9s and has re-activation delay of 15s.
  • Shock Trap is only available once storm has started. Does 2 points of EMP damage / second. Lasts for 15s and has re-activation delay of 17s. EMP power / tick = 100.
  • Bloat Trap: Damage = 4 within 1s intervals. Lasts for 2s making it 3 ticks total. Does have DOT (scale = x0.1, duration = 10s, interval = 1s), however due to integer rounding does not apply in on ZEDs unless they have significant vulnerability to Toxic damage type.
  • Gravity scale of the "Weird" (upside down) room and Blacksun circle area is -700 (standard gravity being -1150).