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Season’s Beatings

KF2 Map SantasWorkshop.png
Santa's Workshop - December 4th (2018):
"Nick here, with an important message to all mercenaries. I’ve got a big mission coming up and I’m building a team who is ready to deal with the fantastic, the magical, and the downright scary. That abomination of a Krampus stole my Workshop, and I am getting it back. You in?"
KF2 Map ShoppingSpree.png
Shopping Spree - December 4th (2018):
Something evil lurks these halls of commerce. Yes of course we are talking about shoppers such as yourselves looking for deals of the latest and greatest gifts for others, or perhaps yourselves, this holiday season. ~ Community Map by Zerreth.

Monster Masquerade

KF2 Map MonsterBall.png
Monster Ball - October 2nd (2018):
This Monster’s Ball is taking place soon, in a delightfully ghoulish manor. All of the residents are dressing to impress this Halloween costume contest, and you are invited to join in! So start planning your outfit today. You won’t want to feel left out when the hottest new DJ in town, Hans, takes to the turntables to start flaying up the night!

Treacherous Skies

KF2 Map Airship.png
Airship - June 12th (2018):
Lockhart is back, and it seems his problems are never ending. Last time you saw him, you had helped him launch away to his airship. Now, having followed him, you find the sky a most dangerous place, and not just because you need to help keep the Queen Victoria running!
KF2 Map Lockdown.png
Lockdown - June 12th (2018):
Waking up from Cryosleep, you find yourselves on a ship orbiting a planet near a red giant. The zeds aboard the ship have already caused mayhem on every single compartment. Eliminate the ZED threat before they tear the ship's hull to pieces. ~ Community Map by Rewire.

Infinite Onslaught

KF2 Map DieSector.png
DieSector - December 12th (2017):
This arena was created for the Patriarch to test out his latest and greatest creations, and you’ve somehow found yourself right in the middle of it. It is here that he intends to endlessly subject you to the horde until you succumb. And yes, we do mean endlessly, but only if you can survive of course.
KF2 Map PowerCore.png
Powercore - December 12th (2017):
This subterranean facility has had a few lives, and seen some better days. Now, it will be your job to find out just who is in charge of its most recent revival, and why it is full of Zeds ~ Community Map by Motormouth.

Twisted Christmas

KF2 Map KrampusLair.png
Krampus Lair - December 12th (2017):
Krampus Lair is a twisted and dark lumberyard, workshop, and prison all in one. You must fight your way through the lair and at the heart of Krampus’ operation traverse the portal to his throne room where he keeps the Naughty List. Can you save the day before your name is forever enshrined on the Naughty List?

Halloween Horrors

KF2 Map Nightmare.png
Nightmare - October 17th (2017):
Boozo the clown had it tough in life; nothing seemed to go his way. Family. Career. Murder spree. He was finally stopped from racking up more kills, but the fates of his various victims are unknown. Using the latest Horzine tech, enter the subconscious of Boozo and fight your way through his nightmares. Hopefully his madness won’t rub off on you.

Summer Sideshow

KF2 Map TragicKingdom.png
The Tragic Kingdom - June 13th (2017):
Once a place of laughter and joy, this carnival is now a nightmare of blood, screams, and death. The crowds no longer come to see the shows and enjoy the rides; they come to kill you. So don't let them. At least some of the carnival games and rides still work.

The Descent

KF2 Map TheDescent.png
The Descent - March 21st (2017):
The Descent is a series of underground chambers beneath Volter Manor. These rooms represent the more secure facilities used by Hans in his experiments and need to be cleaned out to put a stop to his terrible work.
KF2 Map Nuked.png
Nuked - March 21st (2017):
The burnt and broken remains of a city that has a Zed problem on top of an incoming nuclear attack. Don’t stare directly at the nuclear flash and remember to duck and cover ~ Community Map by Matt Zaneski.

Tropical Bash

KF2 Map Zed Landing.png
ZED Landing - January 19th (2017):
When the erupting volcano is the least of your worries, you know your tropical island vacation has gone awry. Welcome to Zed Landing! Thanks to a crashed Horzine cargo plane, this island has become infested with Zeds, all of whom want to eat you before the volcano cooks you. Or after really, they’re not that picky; Zeds are into barbecue.

Tactical Response

KF2 Map InfernalRealm.png
Infernal Realm - August 25th (2016):
In the void between our dreams exists a place of solitude and misfortune. It is a realm of despair that reflects the horrors of mankind's creations on earth. Hell. Zeds in Hell with lots of flame, bones, and huge clocks. Don’t ask questions; it’s Zeds in Hell, it’s cool. ~ Community Map by Swift_Brutal_Death.


KF2 Map HostileGrounds.png
Hostile Grounds - June 13th (2016):
London continues to be a battleground between survivors and Zeds, both above ground and below. The original outbreak was contained, but now smaller outbreaks regularly plague the historic city ~ Community Map by Swift_Brutal_Death.
KF2 Map ContainmentStation.png
Containment Station - June 13th (2016):
Space is not even safe from the Zed outbreaks! A Horzine research space station has become infested with Zeds and it must be retaken before it falls to earth. In space, everyone can hear you shatter Zed skulls…when you’re inside a space station that is. Outside a space station, not so much ~ Community Map by Fel.

Revenge Of The Zeds

KF2 Map Prison.png
Prison - April 7th (2016):
Some of the Horzine Biotech research facilities were attached to prisons in nations where prisoners were available for use as test subjects for the right price. Now these prisons have become charnel houses of blood and terror as Zeds rip through the prison populace.

Return Of The Patriarch

KF2 Map BlackForest.png
Black Forest - December 3rd (2015):
Once little more than a disused cottage located deep in the Black Forest of Germany, a crashed Horzine cloning unit has brought blood and terror to this tranquil woodland scene. Now the Zeds must be contained before they spread further through the heart of Germany.
KF2 Map Farmhouse.png
Farmhouse - December 3rd (2015):
Small farmhouses like these are scattered across the rural regions of Europe. The unlucky ones have become infested with Zeds and must be cleaned out before the Zed presence has a chance to fester and grow.

Incinerate ‘N Detonate

KF2 Map EvacuationPoint.png
Evacuation Point - September 1st (2015):
Many tried to flee the Zed outbreaks and only some succeeded; many more died in the attempt. This ferry port in Helsingor, Denmark was overrun by Zeds while the refugees tried to board the ferry; it is too late to save the refugees, but not too late for revenge.
KF2 Map Catacombs.png
Catacombs - September 1st (2015):
Not only are the streets of Paris filled with Zeds, but the catacombs beneath them as well! The historic, bone filled tunnels beneath Rome, Italy have become home to an army of Zeds, requiring survivors to brave the bones and darkness to remove them.

Lord Of The Manor

KF2 Map VolterManor.png
Volter Manor - May 26th (2015):
Set against a Swiss cliff side, this modern fortress hides many secrets. While the raging storm outside approaches, evil has begun to leak out from its imposing walls.

Official Launch

KF2 Map Outpost.png
Outpost - April 21st (2015):
Located north of the Arctic Circle, contact was lost with this remote experimental facility in the wake of the early European Zed outbreaks. Now teams are being sent to find out what happened to Outpost facility and if any of the staff are still alive. Unlikely.
KF2 Map BioticsLab.png
Biotics Lab - April 21st (2015):
A covert Horzine research facility, the Biotics Lab has been overrun by the Zeds created in its own depths. The facility must be retaken before the Zeds have a chance to threaten the world outside the lab. Full of steel and glass, it is a maze of corridors, experimental labs, and horrors.
KF2 Map BurningParis.png
Burning Paris - April 21st (2015):
Paris has been invaded by vast numbers of Zeds, devastating the city and scattering the population. Now it is up to the players to take back City of Lights in vicious street to street fighting.