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Killing Floor 2 Official Community map
KF2 MapPreview Elysium.png
General Information
Author Sean 'synchaoz' Nielsen
Trader Locations 1
Collectibles Snow Globe (41)
Map Information
Weapon Spawns 24
Ammo Spawns 79
Player Spawns 25
Zed Spawns 210
Technical Information
Related Achievements
PS4 Trophies

The Elysium is a holdout-style community-made official Killing Floor 2 map. Is was added in the game as a part of Christmas Crackdown update.


Elysium is an eerie otherwordly arena, suspended in an ethereal void, where an unseen entity has tasked you with guarding the spire at its heart; an ominous place where things rarely stay the same. Gather your allies, stock up on guns and ammo, and prepare to travel back and forth between old and new destinations.


Upon completion of series of objectives on Elysium during the Christmas Crackdownt players were rewarded with the "Christmas | Tactical Elf-pack" cosmetic accessory.

Tactical Elf-pack
  • "Frozen Roses": Collect 3 roses in Elysium.
  • "Four Different Tales": Collect 4 tomes in Elysium.
  • "Under the Mistletoe": Complete one wave in Elysium's Botanica arena.
  • "A Christmas Carol": Complete one wave in Elysium's Loremaster Sanctum arena.
  • "Everlasting Winter": Complete wave 15 on Endless Hard or higher difficulty on Elysium.


Players begin their joyrney in the Central arena containing the only available Trader Pod on this map. For every even wave (and exluding every next wave after the Boss wave in Endless) players getting teleported into the one of randomly chosen arenas including Desert, Fallout, Forest, Old Town, Void Zone, Glitch as well as to two secret arenas available after completion of certain tasks. After fighting their way through waves of ZEDs players will be teleported back to Central Arena to replenish the ammo. In this Central Arena they would have to stay for another wave just to get them randomly teleported again.

To unlock secters arenas players would have to find 3 roses in Forest Arena and place then im vases in Central Arena (would give access to Botanica level) and to find 4 tomes and place them on pedistals next to one of Central Arena's wall (to unlock Lore Master Sanctum).

As players visit new places and travel back, the Central Arena changes its shape growing more and more details from the dimentions players visit. Such as after visiting Fallout Arena that is filled with toxic waste the Central Arena will get decorated with pipes pulverizing green liquid that would hurt both players and ZEDs. These new decorations add complexity to the Central Arena making navigation both hard (during normal waves) and easier (during Boss waves) granted that it provides more and more cover as well and new environmental hazards.