Dual 9mm Pistols (Killing Floor 2)

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{KF2WeaponInfo | Name=Dual 9mm Pistols | PerkImage=KF2_Perk_Survivalist_White.png | PerkLink= | WeaponImage=KF2Dual_9mm_Pistols.png | Damage=25.000000 | FireRate=500.000000 | Accuracy=50.000000 | Penetration=0.000000 | MagazineSize=30 | AmmoCapacity=60 | Description=• "Fire mode is semi-auto only."
"Alt-fire switches aiming styles when in Ironsights."
"This is a pair of standard 9mm pistols. You can sell one (only), if you need to." | | PerkName= | Pricing=150 | Weight=2 | | InitialSpareMags=2 | AmmoCost=25 | Block= | Parry= | WeaponType=Pistol | | SecondaryAmmoType= | SecondaryAmmoImage= | HealAmount= | HealAmountSolo= | HealAmountGrenade= | HealRecharge= | HealRechargeSolo= | HealDuration= | SecondaryMagazineSize= | SecondaryAmmoCapacity= | SecondaryAmmoConsumption= | SecondaryAmmoCost= | | Achievement_0_Image= | Achievement_0_Name= }}

The 9mm Pistol is the basic sidearm that every player spawns with at the beginning of a game. It is rather weak weapon due to its low damage and limited ammunition and is generally only used in the early waves to kill weak ZEDs such as Clots or Stalkers, save ammunition or Dosh for other weapons. As such, it is mostly only used as a last resort when a player has exhausted all other forms of ammunition.

Each of the handguns can be wielded or sold and dropped separately. Compare to the single pistol, dDual 9mm Pistols have increased rate of fire and magazine size but also slower reload speed.


"Fire mode is semi-auto only. Alt-fire switches aiming styles when in Ironsights."

Flavor Text

"This is a pair of standard 9mm pistols. You can sell one (only), if you need to."

Technical Information

Damage = 25.
Damage (buttstock bash) = 22.

Rate Of Fire = 500 RPM.
Rate Of Fire (bash) = 89.

Damage Type = Ballistic.
Damage Type Group = Handgun.

Reload Time (tactical): Normal = 3.09s, Elite = 2.41s.
Reload Time (dry): Normal = 3.09s, Elite = 2.25s.

Equip Time = 0.25s.
Putdown Time = 0.55s.

Weapon Powers:
Gun hit power = 10.
Knockdown power = 12.


Upg1 (200): Base damage x1.2.
Upg2 (500): Base damage x1.4.
Upg3 (600): Base damage x1.6.
Upg4 (700): Base damage x1.8.
Upg5 (1500): Base damage x2.


  • Upgraders cost no extra weight at all.
  • Amount of recoil depend on player stance and movement. Crouching and aiming down the sights gives the lowest possible amount of the recoil.


Tagged as a Gunslinger and Sharpshooter weapon, and as such, benefits from all passives and skills. As well affected by the Commando's and SWAT's Fallback / Close Combat Training skills.

Quite powerfull sidearm against certain weak ZEDs, requires just one shot to decapitate a Crawler, Clot, Slasher, Cyst and Stalker.

Moderately weak against everything else, requiring a lot more headshots to decapitate medium ZEDs, and very ineffective against large ZEDs. This, however, can be resolved by upgrades.

When used by a Gunslinger, SWAT, or Commando with the relevant skills, it becomes an effective sidearm that remains viable in later waves when they are able to decapitate lesser ZEDs in a single shot.

Grants EXP to the perk currently selected.


The 9mm Pistol is notably affected by the following boosts:

  • Gunslinger and Sharpshooter perk - passives and skills.
  • Commando's Fallback skill (x1.5 more damage) and Machine Gunner (faster ROF in ZED Time).
  • SWAT's Close Combat Training skill (x1.5 more damage) and Rapid Assault (faster ROF in ZED Time).
  • Any tactical reload skills/reload speed reduction bonuses.


  • The 9mm seems to be a mix between the Beretta 92fs Elite and the M9A1, with additional serrations at the front end and plain black sights, in opposite to the 3-dot sights.