Abomination Spawn

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Abomination Spawn

The Abomination Spawn is a generic green colored poop-looking monster spawned by the Abomination boss. It has only one goal - get to players as close as possible and explode into the shower of toxic acid.

Players may kill these monsters for their advantage: their on-death explosions cause significant damage to their "parent" (Abomination) when one wears some armor (20 times more than the explosion damage) and rather low damage (75% of explosion damage) when armor is gone. The other benefit of killing the Spawns is that the explosion they emit bearing great stumble power (1000 units) which is capable of stumbling all nearby ZEDs including the boss.

Normally Abomination Spawns do not appear during the regular waves and are only encountered when players fight Abomination, however in some waves of Nuked in objective mode they come out in play as a replacement to Alpha Clots.


For such a small and fast enemy Abomination Spawn has somehow decent amount of the health.

Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on earth
Body HP (1 Player) 52 142 150 150
Body HP (2 Player) 52 142 150 150
Body HP (3 Player) 52 142 150 150
Body HP (4 Player) 52 142 150 150
Body HP (5 Player) 52 142 150 150
Body HP (6 Player) 52 142 150 150

Abomination Spawn does not resist and is not vulnerable to any forms of the damage except Bludgeon, Fire and Microwave. It also does not take any toxic damage (such as from healing grenades) at all. However, it does take 25% damage of it in Solo games, where ZEDs are more vulnerable to damage types that they resist naturally.

Bludgeon Toxic Fire Microwave HRG_Vampire_BloodSuck Other
Damage Multipler x0.9 x0 x0.9 x0.2 x2 x1

It has only 1 weak spot (head) that multiplies all incoming damage towards its body by x1.1. However, Abomination Spawn cannot be decapiatated (calculation of extra damage on decapitation still happens, refer to step 9).

Incapacitation Resistance

Abomination Spawn is extemely vulnerable against all forms of the incapacitation except toxic poisoning.

Incap Settings
Stun = (Vulnerability = (2.0, Cooldown=5.0, Duration=2.5)
Knockdown = (Vulnerability = (3.0), Cooldown=0.0)
Stumble = (Vulnerability = (2.0), Cooldown=0.2)
GunHit = (Vulnerability = (2.5), Cooldown=0.2)
MeleeHit = (Vulnerability = (2.0), Cooldown=0.0)
Poison = (Vulnerability = (0.0))
Microwave = (Vulnerability = (0.5), Cooldown=7.5, Duration=3.0)
FirePanic = (Vulnerability = (3.0), Cooldown=7.0, Duration=5.0)
EMP= (Vulnerability = (2.5), Cooldown=5.0, Duration=5.0)
Freeze = (Vulnerability = (2.5), Cooldown=1.5, Duration=4.5)
Snare = (Vulnerability = (10.0), Cooldown=5.5, Duration=4.0)
Bleed = (Vulnerability = (2.0))


Explosion damage - 15, radius - 4.5m, falloff - 0 (none), animation duration - 0.67s. Stumble power - 1000.
Explosion damage type - Explosive. The explosion is instantaneous and does not leave behind any toxic clouds.
Abomination Spawn will explode when it will be at least 250 units away from the player location.

Miscellaneous Information

  • Abomination spawn does not evade damage sources or upon taking damage. It is immune to all toxic forms of damage such as healing grenades, puke bile or Abomination farts.
  • Walk speed - 4.5m/s, Sprint speed - 5.5 m/s.
  • Movement mod: Normal - x1, Hard - x1.1, Suicidal - x1.25, HOE - x1.25.
  • AI pause: gun hit - 1s, melee hit - 0.75s.
  • Penetration Resistance - 0.1.
  • XP value: Normal - 8, Hard, Suicidal and HOE - 10. Base dosh reward - 10.
  • Abomination Spawn spawn knocked down, its getup animation lasts for 1.97s.
  • Every consumed ZED turns into Abomination Spawn. Multiple spawns have delay of 2 seconds.


Abomination Spawn does not talk, but produces moaning sounds and sneezes on rare occasion.

In game files Abomination Spawn refered as a "poop monster".