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  • All incapacitations (knockdown, stumble, etc. ) will now build up and fall off over time unless they reach the triggering threshold
  • Resistance and Weakness system added per weapon type - See wiki charts for more information


  • Weight added to the HUD
  • New kill alert added when human teammates die
  • Interaction widget updated, will now resize itself to fit the text inside it.
  • Info text added to matchmaking and solo game menus
  • Loading Screen Tips
  • Perk menu layout changed to make reading passive bonuses and skills easier
  • Menu bar updated
  • Added boss health bar
  • Players can now choose to recycle all their duplicates of an item at once (leaving one behind)


  • Added Sharpshooter
    • Level 5:
      • Sniper - Inflict 25% more damage while stationary with sharpshooter weapons
      • Marksman - Shoot 25% faster and move 10% faster with sharpshooter weapons
    • Level 10:
      • Stability - Inflict 30% more damage while crouched
      • Ballistic Shock - Stun power increased by 100%
    • Level 15:
      • Rack ‘em Up - Each consecutive headshot increases your damage by 5% up to 75%
      • Combat Ready - Reload your weapons faster
    • Level 20:
      • Deadeye - Reduce recoil by 10% and increase headshot damage by 10% when aiming
      • Always Prepared - Get 25% more ammo for sharpshooter weapons and grenades
    • Level 25:
      • Assassin - Headshot will knock down any Zed
      • Ranger - Headshots will stun any zed
  • Demo Changes
    • Level 5:
      • Bombardier - Explosive demo weapons now do 25% more damage
      • Grenadier- Demo weapons fire 20% faster
    • Level 10:
      • High Impact Rounds - Do 25% more damage on a direct hit with demo weapons, but lose 3 ammo from the max ammo count per weapon Extra Rounds - Increase max ammo by 5 for every demo weapon
    • Level 15:
      • Sonic Resistant Grenades - Demolition weapons have a 100% chance of avoiding siren scream destruction
      • Fragmentation Rounds - AoE of your explosions increase by 50% but AoE damage is reduced by 30%
    • Level 20:
      • Armor Piercing Rounds - Direct hits to a critical zone will do an extra 50% more damage
      • Concussive Rounds - The hit reaction, stun, stumble and knockdown of all demo weapons is increased by 50%
    • Level 25:
      • Destroyer of Worlds - Previously nuke, this has been tweaked slightly
      • Mad Bomber - Shoot and reload in near real time
      • Passive Changes
  • Commando Changes
    • Level 5:
      • Tactical Reload - Reload 20% faster with commando weapons
      • Large Mags - Commando Weapons have 50% increased mag size
    • Level 10:
      • Backup - Pistol and knife do 60% extra damage and 50% faster weapon switch
      • Impact - Commando weapons have 150% increased stumble power
    • Level 15:
      • Health Increase - Increased health and Armor by 25%
      • Ammo Vest - Carry 2 extra mags per commando weapon
    • Level 20:
      • Hollow Point Rounds - Commando Weapons do 25% more damage and have 50% less recoil
      • Eat Lead - Get another 50% increase in mag size for CommandoWeapons
    • Level 25:
      • Professional - Reload weapons at full speed and switch weapons twice as fast
      • Rapid Fire - Do 3% more damage with commando weapons and shoot 3x faster with all weapons
    • Passive Changes
  • Berserker Changes
    • Level 5:
      • Dreadnaught - Increased health by 50%
      • Skirmisher - Move faster, sprint faster, regenerate health every second
    • Level 10:
      • Vampire - Heal yourself 4 points of health for every zed you kill with a Berserker weapon, also attack 15% faster with Berserker weapons
      • Butcher - Attack 20% faster and do 25% more damage with Berserker weapons
    • Level 15:
      • Resistance - Gain 20% resistance to all damage, gain an extra 20% resistance to poison and sonic damage
      • Parry - Parrying an attack will increase melee attack speed by 5% and damage by 35% for 10 seconds
    • Level 20:
      • Smash - Hard attacks do 50% more damage, plus an extra 25% more damage on headshots, which have 200% more stumble power
      • Massacre - Light attacks do 20% more damage and are 5% faster
    • Level 25:
      • Spartan - Attack in near real time and gain 25% of your total health
      • Rage - Move and attack in real time
    • Passive Changes


  • Reduced gorefast headless damage 50% and reduced the attack speed
  • Hans fight Update
  • Hans shield can now be broken
  • If broken before his heal, he won’t heal that phase
  • If broken during his heal it will be interrupted
  • Hans now has more overall health to compensate for how the fight plays out


  • LAR - Sped up bolt time
  • Crossbow - Reduced stun power
  • HX25 - Modified spread to more reliably hit the target that was aimed at


  • New ZED awards
  • Scoreboard and match layout UI
  • Team Swap every match
  • Player Zed Spawning Decoupled from AI Waves
  • Updates to Player Zeds
    • Health, speed and damage changes
    • Some can now block: Scrake, Fleshpound, Bloat and Gorefast


  • Added Containment Station
  • Added Hostile Ground
  • Updated Buring Paris art assets to bring it more in line with later produced maps

Weapon Skin Revisions:

  • Battlescarred Weapon Revisions on the following skins to look less battlescarred
    • SCAR | Spray Can
    • Katana | Cyberbone
    • Scar | Horzine Elite Red
    • Scar | Horzine Elite Blue
    • Scar | Horzine Elite Green
    • Scar | Horzine Elite White
    • 9MM | Tactical
    • AR15 | Tactical

Bug Fixes:


  • Fixed an issue where spawn prediction checks would fail allowing zeds to spawn within sight or potential sight of a character (behind their backs)
  • Fixed an issue where Zed would get confused about who to target (and constantly switching targets) leading to them not attacking
  • Fixed a case where a mis-sized Steam avatar would crash the game on launch
  • Fixed another case where players would enter a solo versus game
  • Fixed crate opening animations getting into an endless loop
  • Fixed ultra bright gore for Flex High settings
  • Fixed grenades not bouncing in Black Forest grass
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to keep trader menu open during a round
  • Fixed Crossbow bolts disappearing when hitting a destructible item
  • Fixed Gamepad - Voice chat receive volume slider breaks when pushed all the way to the right
  • Fixed an issue with the hammer staying up on the Winchester 1894
  • Fixed audio issues with the Winchester 1894’s running and melee sounds not triggering
  • Fixed audio issues with the Crossbow’s melee sound not triggering
  • Fixed an issue with blood not showing up on the Bowie Knife
  • Fixed an exploit that allows players to keep more than 15 weight when switching from Support perks using Strength
  • Fixed an issue when receiving grenades/ammo from other players prevents the player from receiving grenades for the rest of the game
  • Fixed an issue with the Lacerate skill not functioning with heavy and stab attacks
  • Fixed the trader menu not correctly updating with the Experience and Level of the player
  • Fixed an issue with the Trader giving too much armor to Medics when purchasing armor
  • Fixed an issue with players not being able to parry/block behind the spawn points


  • Fixed Player Crawlers been able to be killed by others after they had triggered their suicide

Map Fixes:

  • Various Map Fixes
  • Outpost
  • Black Forest
  • Burning Paris
  • Biotics Lab
  • Prison


  • Fixed landscape de-vised patches block grenades and paths, and don't allow player to stand up when crouched

Known issues

  • Bosses do not lose the freeze grenade frozen texture effect after thawing out
  • Players are able to parry unparryable attacks from player controlled ZEDs in VS mode
  • Some particle effects do not render when looking through scoped weapons
  • Fire induced panic causes Sirens to stop screaming in some cases
  • Doors on Containment Station map missing sounds
  • Some visual issues on dynamic objects after swapping teams in VS mode
  • Interaction messages on HUD (Opening doors, etc) will sometimes stay on screen until a new interaction message is prompted
  • Some cosmetic items do not fit correctly on Rae
  • Cosmetic item preview images are low resolution