Update 1019 (Killing Floor 2)

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The update changelist is as follows:

Final change list for 1019


  • Fixed an exploit spot in Farmhouse where ZEDs would not path to the player


Trading Floor

  • Fixed a bug in the item drop system where players could not get drops in multiplayer (drops online happened in solo offline play)
  • Fixed a broken text string when equipping certain items on Ana Larive
  • Fixed incorrect condition descriptions on Sharkteeth Boomstick and Clot Commando SCAR weapon skins


  • Fixed a particle system crash with FleX on low setting

Known issues

  • Nvidia Flex is limited to LOW setting until we can resolve Flex related crashes.
  • Sometimes the opening/decrypting animation for crates will get stuck in a loop.

We'll be addressing the known issues listed here as soon as possible.