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Killing Floor 2 Official Community map
Kf2 sanitarium thumb.jpg
General Information
Author Tiša
Trader Locations 4
Collectibles Clot Mother Spawn (30)
Map Information
Weapon Spawns 15
Ammo Spawns 34
Player Spawns 12
Zed Spawns 113
Technical Information
Related Achievements
PS4 Trophies

The Sanitarium is a community-made official Killing Floor 2 map. It was added in the game as a part of Yuletide Horror update.


"Blast away crowds of holiday Zeds as mysterious entities perform a dark ritual to summon the great one"

Promo Page Description

"The Matriarch hasn't been the only creature lurking on the fringes, so be sure to explore this dreary local and plumb its depths for what secrets it holds. That is if you don’t lose your way, or mind, or life along these twisted paths."