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Re: Regarding edits moderation

Hello, it's good to see a new face around.

I'm afraid i cannot give you a a distinct answer on how many edits it would require user to contribute in order to recieve an automoderation rights. Quite few spammers around, mostly automated. I don't think that letting edits pass without moderation would ever be an option, not in the near future at least (but don't quote me there), as such i've been asked to volunteerly deal with these.

While i could've asked administrator to give you these rights myself and i admire your desire to make this wiki a better place, do not get me wrong. I'd like to see more from you especially when you claim what you have plans on adding new templates. But not in the right mind you should wait for me and only me to make this decision. Feel free to ask them yourself.

User_talk:Yoshiro would be the active admin these days. Alternatively that would've been even easier if you were around Killing Floor 2 discord channel there you could've find this person and ask them yourself. Perhaps requesting access to small sub-channel dedicated to this wiki where you could've adress all your concerns directly.

Simplecat (talk) 17:15, 13 January 2021 (UTC)