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No detailed change log posted for this update. The general information as it was brought by developers:


Hello everyone,

With the full release of the Killing Floor 2: Twister Christmas event happening next week (on December 12!), we are opening parts of the event up early to those brave enough to help us check for any major issues. Now there are a few things to note about this opt-in beta and how to join:

  • While we are not expecting any major bugs to show up to ruin Twisted Christmas, they just might (that is the reason this beta exists).
  • If you encounter one, please provide us with as much detail as possible how to reproduce it. This will help our teams find it and fix it faster. Being vague or referencing things that “everybody knows” generally is not helpful!
  • To join this test, “Right Click” on the game in your Steam Library and choose properties. From there select the beta tab. On the beta tab you will find a drop down box. Choose the option “preview” from that box and hit OK.
  • To opt out, you go to the same location and choose “none” from the drop down box.

While this beta includes the majority of content and features of the Twisted Christmas event, it will not include any seasonal event specific drops. Players progression, such as perks and achievements, will be saved and carry forward. With that in mind, there are some major changes we would love to have an extra eye or two (or a thousand) on!

  • The Twisted Christmas Zeds are ready to roam, and they hope you taste delicious
  • The Abomination/Krampus wants to give you his special kiss
  • A new system should be in place to look for and grant missing Dosh Vault crates that players have earned
  • And a myriad of fixes that will be detailed out in the changelog

Server admins who wish to help test this update can update their servers can run their server update script with the following addition: app_update 232130 -beta preview