Update 1053 (Killing Floor 2)

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  • The Return of the Summer SideShow Zeds Including
    • The Bearded Lady
    • The Strong Pound
    • The Monkey Man
    • Pukey The Clown
    • And More!
  • New Map - The Tragic Kingdom
    • Including interactive traps - if you want to use them keep the power on!
  • New Mini Games With Prizes (Join the Tragic Kingdom Cleanup Crew by winning the official uniform)
    • Pop The Clot
    • Dunk The Bloat
    • Feed The Pound
  • 8 Weekly Outbreaks With Prizes
    • Bobble Zed - That can’t be good for their necks
    • Beefcake - The bigger they are, the harder you fall
    • Boom - Under Pressure; may explode
    • Zed Time - All the Zed Time in the world
    • Up, Up, and Decay - Try to make 99 Death Balloons
    • Poundemonium - All Fleshpounds, all the time, even the boss....
    • Tiny Terror - A small threat is still a threat
  • 2 New Weapons
  • New Cosmetics
    • Rising Storm 2: Vietnam weapon crossover skins (non tradable/marketable)
    • Unlockable Sideshow Cosmetic Items New Bundles
      • Hazmat Uniform Bundle
      • Horzine Mark 7 Uniform Bundle
    • New Crates
      • Junkyard weapon skin set
      • Firefighter Cosmetic set
      • Vietnam Weapon Skin set (tradable/marketable)



  • Hell on Earth
    • Self inflicted damage is set to 50% was 100%



  • M4 damage increased 20%

Winchester Lever Action

  • Rate of fire increased 10%
  • Reload speed increased 10% for both reg and elite reload
  • 12 extra rounds added to starting ammo


  • Reload speed increased 10% for both reg and elite reload



  • Stun cooldown decreased to 5sec was 10sec


  • Spawn Enraged chance
    • Normal=0%
    • Hard=0%
    • Suicidal=50%
    • HellonEarth=75%

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed server crash relating to Server Takeover not having specified map
  • Fixed a loss in performance during Patriarch minigun fire
  • Fixed VS Patriarch minigun tracers not rendering at long distances
  • Boss bullet damage now generates blood effects on players
  • Fixed inconsistent with blocking/parry behavior immediately after attacking
  • Heavy melee attacks can now interrupt weapon check animations
  • Fixed Anton & Rae using wrong voice over in some cases
  • Spitfires now appear in Flame weapon category
  • Fixed issue where Matchmaking would frequently select a server with 100+ ping
  • Fixed bug with some accessories becoming transparent on teammates at distances
  • Fixed explosion scorch decals sometimes cropping on uneven terrain
  • Fixed bug where players could purchase multiples of the same weapon
  • Fixed bug where players could acquire both dual and single pistol variants
  • Fixed bug where trader would sell you the wrong weapon when trying to select the third item listed
  • Fixed bug when selling dualies the trader unnecessarily shifts weapon list
  • Corrected Trader stats for melee weapon fire rates
  • Setting Server Type to "Ranked Custom" no longer grays out map choice for online Matchmaking and offline Survival
  • Fixed an issue where server browser filters would appear to reset
  • Fixed "No Custom Servers" not working in server browser
  • Fixed a case where download notification didn’t appear
  • Players who connect to server post-match will now see a message describing this in the lower right corner
  • Fixed potential memory leak from created from Download Progress screen
  • Fixed Versus After Action Report stating it was Survival Mode
  • Fixed a case where an empty health bar is displayed upon respawning
  • Fixed Disable Auto-Upgrade text clipping issue for Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish
  • Fixed spacing issues on German localization
  • Fixed various minor UI bugs
  • Flight Mask is now available for Ana Larive and Rae Higgins
  • Based on community feedback various accessory combinations are now allowed
  • PS4 PlayGo: Fixed newer weapons (Bone Crusher, Spitfires, Stoner 63A) missing sound effects from Initial Payload
  • PS4: Fixed a case where tabbing over to the Gear menu before online servers are fully loaded breaks gear menu UI


  • Potential fix for Perk progress being overwritten after leveling up a perk defaulted by steam disconnection which could cause players perk stats to be corrupted
  • Fixed bug where SWAT Ammo Vest skill wouldn’t apply correctly
  • Gunslingers using Spitfires pistols now gain Gunslinger XP from burn damage
  • Fixed head bob animation when crouching with Tactical Movement
  • Skullcracker, Zedative, Cripple, and Ground Fire Skills now slow down Zed movement correctly
  • Sharpshooter passive recoil ability now only applies to perk weapons
  • Fixed Sharpshooter Ranger skill not working
  • Fixed issue where Berserkers with off-perk knives do not receive bonuses
  • Fixed bug where Demo would no longer take self damage with active Mad Bomber
  • Survivalist skill Madman now applies to single shot Nailgun
  • Fixed bug where Trader UI didn’t reflect what grenade Survivalist had equipped
  • Demolitionist now receive XP from Reactive Armor kills
  • Medic Acidic Rounds now apply to Scrakes, Fleshpounds, and Bloats correctly
  • Fixed bug with SWAT Suppression Rounds having Multiplicative effect


  • Fixed a case where Eviscerator blades would float in the air
  • Fixed a case where C4 sounds would not play
  • Thrown or airborne C4 is now affected by Mad Bomber skill
  • Fixed bug where Bone Crusher with applied skins would turn black
  • Fixed issue where Railgun near misses would appear to hit target
  • Fixed Pulverizer reloading slowly despite active Spartan skill
  • When only one shell is loaded in Double Barrel Shotgun, attempting to alt fire will now fire it instead of reloading the weapon.
  • Fixed bug where Microwave Gun alt fire would break Zed lunge attacks
  • Added missing third person reload sounds for Microwave Gun & Stoner 63a
  • Fixed first person single Spitfire hammer not animation
  • Increased single Spitfire swap speed a smidge
  • Fixed Kriss SMG Precious skin not applying correctly
  • Medic Pistol reloading speed now increases with Survivalist Tactical Reload
  • Fixed ammunition counter on medic weapons updating incorrectly after reloading
  • Fixed issue where piercing projectiles could not decapitate ragdolls
  • Fixed Trench Gun shell ejection occurring on wrong event


  • Fixed Sirens endlessly screaming when unable to find to the player
  • Sirens now scream after recovering from an EMP grenade
  • Fixed issue where Gorefiend's basic attack could not be parried consistently
  • Fixed blue outlines disappearing from Gorefiend
  • Fixed Gorefiend mesh stretching when tearing head chunks while frozen
  • Fixed Patriarch continuing to groan after being obliterated
  • Fixed EMP electric FX not applying to Stalkers
  • Fixed LOD issues with head gibs


Black Forest

  • Fixed Zed navigation exploit
  • Fixed bug where steam FX deactivate Light Shafts when overlapping each other
  • Fixed issue where dynamic objects would fall through world
  • Fixed draw distance issues with columns & trains

Biotics Lab

  • Fixed Hans navigation issue on plants between entrance stairs

Burning Paris

  • Fixed several navigation exploits in Cafe Lefevere
  • Fixed navigation exploit where players hid in boxes
  • Removed exploit with destructible columns
  • Fixed visual bug with window fire & smoke FX

Containment Station

  • Fixed a bug where players would get stuck in closed doors

The Descent

  • Fixed bug where players would take fall damage when falling through teleport shafts with a teammate.
  • Fixed issue with screen fade transitions
  • Removed exploit with destructible columns
  • Fixed Patriarch navigation issues on curved staircase
  • Fixed Zed navigation issue around large spiral staircase
  • Fixed Zeds getting stuck on top of hanging cages
  • Fixed ragdolls not colliding with tanks in boss room correctly
  • Fixed a spot where players could get snagged on stairs in Library
  • Fixed lava doing inconsistent amounts of damage
  • Fixed other various Zed navigation issues
  • Fixed a few minor visual issues

Evacuation Point

  • Fixed several Zed navigation issues
  • Fixed issue where Dosh would not collide with glass correctly
  • Fixed minor visual issues

Farm House

  • Removed Zed navigation exploit kitchen (PS4 Only)

Hostile Grounds

  • Fixed draw distance issue with chain link fence

Infernal Realms

  • Fixed several instances of objects being culled out too early


  • Removed Zed navigation exploit in maintenance room
  • Fixed issue where large Zeds could knock players out of bounds
  • Fixed issue where characters feet clip into floor of Ready Up lobby
  • Fixed several Zed navigation issues
  • Fixed some minor visual issues


  • Fixed an issue where Zed meshes would occlude
  • Fixed several collision issues
  • Fixed minor visual issue with vines

Volter Manor

  • Fixed minor visual bug

Zed Landing

  • Fixed a collectable that could not be shot

ZedConomy/Trading Floor

  • Fixed a case where Horzine Crate Series #4 could not be opened by its respective key
  • Kriss SMG Horzine Elite skins are now correctly listed on market
  • Fixed Kriss SMG skins having incorrect quality text in their descriptions
  • Many compatibility requests from the community including
    • Backpacks can now be worn with Horzine Armor
    • Ana can now equip backpacks


  • Resolved issue where Workshop Upload Tool fails to launch on some computers
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to clear Center Weld Component on doors