Update 1085 (Killing Floor 2)

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  • Zeds
    • Abomination
      • Fart explosion base damage reduced from 15 to 5.
      • Gorge attack cooldown increased by 2 seconds for Hard, Suicidal, and Hell On Earth difficulties.
      • Abomination Spawn explosion damage multiplier on armor increased from 20x to 25x.
    • Abomination Spawn
      • Explosion base damage reduced from 20 to 15.
    • E.D.A.R.
      • HRG Healthrower damage modifier increased from 0.05x to 1.2x.
      • Chest armor health reduced from 225 to 52.
    • Rioter
      • Added functionality to the armor to add a damage threshold to the head armor piece to allow weapons that deal higher than or equal to 80 base damage to destroy the head.
  • Stand Your Ground
    • The percentage of Zeds to kill to receive the full reward reduced from 75% to 70%.
  • Weapons
    • Single / Dual HRG Buckshots
      • Vertical recoil reduced by 25%.
      • Base damage increased from 28 to 32 per bullet.
      • Ammo price per magazine increased from 19 to 21 for Single.
      • Ammo price per magazine increased from 38 to 42 for Dual.
    • HRG Nailgun
      • Ammo price per magazine increased from 42 to 45.
      • Vertical recoil increased by 25% for single fire automatic mode.
      • Recoil decreased by 16% for 3-round-burst fire automatic mode.
    • HRG Healthrower
      • Dart charge consumption reduced from 50 to 40.
      • Ammo scale upon picking up an ammo box increased from 40 to 75.
      • Base damage increased from 18 to 20.
      • Base gas heal increased from 4 to 6.
      • Base gas splash heal increased from 2 to 3.
      • Stumble application rate increased by 100%.
  • Gameplay:
    • Fixed an issue where broken drones could only be welded from the side in the Objective game mode.
    • Fixed an issue where Stand Your Ground objectives that occurred after a boss wave in the Endless game mode were completed after killing one zed.
    • Fixed an issue where binding a key to the Skip Trader key binding did not work.
  • Zeds:
    • Fixed an issue with the E.D.A.R. Blaster laser VFX whenever multiple E.D.A.R.s attacked a player.
  • Maps:
    • Fixed an issue where the outdoor poison clouds on Nuked were invisible in the Objective game mode.
    • Fixed an issue where custom maps without a custom .ini would not show up. They will show up defaulted to supporting the Survival, Weekly, and Endless game modes.
  • Cosmetics:
    • Fixed an issue where the HRG Buckshots, HRG Healthrower, and HRG Nailgun used incorrect weapon skins.
    • Fixed an issue where PC Briar’s hair clipped through Project H 02 | Base.
  • User Interface:
    • Fixed an issue where the objective icon for the Stand Your Ground objective would not disappear after being completed.
  • Server:
    • Fixed an issue where Admins who use the -configsubdir flag had to manually set up their servers for Beta 1 and copy in new clean files into the sub directories.