Update 1068 (Killing Floor 2)

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The changelog is as follows:




Shotgun damage types do 20% more damage

Explosive damage types do 150% more damage

Core hitzone is larger to make it easier to hit.

Perk and Weapons

Reload canceling has returned

All Dual pistols ammo is registered at the second mag insert instead of first.

Note: Additional fixes will be coming to target specific exploits still available with reloading canceling

Bug Fixes


Fixed an issue where unexploded grenades may deal repeated damage.

Fixed an issue where the King Fleshpound’s laser would go through walls and objects.

User Interface

Fixed an issue where parties were showing inaccurate prestige info.

Fixed an issue where the M99 had its fill price cut off in the Trader.

Fixed an issue where audio settings were not reset when hitting “Reset to Default”

Platform Specific Fixes


Fixed an issue where some cosmetics/skins were not marketable in the Steam marketplace

Fixed an issue where the game may crash using Nvidia’s FLEX

PS4 and Xbox One

Fixed an issue where “No Password” text appeared in the Controls section of the option menu.

Fixed an issue where Mrs. Foster/D.A.R. would not properly play their emote in online matches.

Fixed an issue where rapidly dropping dual pistols would cause player hands to become invisible.