Update 1059 (Killing Floor 2)

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This is a required update for beta clients and servers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where zeds will sometimes get stuck in a jail cell in Krampus Lair.
  • Fixed a bug where the boss would snag on arena geometry in Krampus Lair.
  • Fixed a bug when a game is set to localized versions (non-English), they lose the ability to change game length and difficulty in solo/offline game.
  • Fixed a bug where zeds would spawn in the boss arena during the normal waves, hindering player progression in Krampus Lair.
  • Fixed a bug where Krampus' helmet is not lighting properly on some maps.
  • Fixed a bug where the last seen UI value in the dosh vault was being out of sync with your actual total.
  • Fixed a bug where Demolitionist Shock Trooper Perk Skill prevented Pulverizer Reload.
  • Removed Krampus Lair from Versus vote list. Server takeover no longer allows Versus Survival of Krampus Lair, The Descent, and Nightmare.

Special note. There was a bug where a mission will visually give you too much dosh. Players actually are earning the correct amount in the backend. This can make it appear dosh vault is not progressing until the back end has caught up to the visual amount.