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  • New Holdout style Map - Nightmare
  • 2 New Weapons
  • New Zeds In Survival
  • New Systems
    • Dosh Vault
      • Earn items for completing daily and weekly challenges, or just watch your Dosh grow
    • Daily Objectives
  • Time Limited Halloween Tickets and Items
  • Zedconomy
    • New Zedconomy Items
      • Commando Chicken Outfit
      • Emotes
      • And More!
    • Inventory Filtering
  • Chromatic Keyboard Support
    • KF 2 now supports chromatic/glowing keyboards from the following brands
      • Alienware
      • Logitech




  • Will now try to evade M203 grenade launcher


  • Normal Difficulty
    • Damage reduced 55%
    • Solo play Damage reduced 40%


  • Normal Difficulty
    • Damage reduced 65%
    • Solo play Damage reduced 65%


  • Normal Difficulty
    • Damage reduced 33%
    • Solo play Damage reduced 40%


  • Normal Difficulty
    • Solo play Damage reduced 15%


  • Normal Difficulty
    • Solo play Damage reduced 38%


  • Normal Difficulty
    • Damage reduced 60%
    • Solo play Damage reduced 38%


  • Whirlwind attack is now interruptible
  • Normal Difficulty
    • Damage reduced 60%
    • Solo play Damage reduced 38%
  • Suicidal Difficulty
    • Blocking chance reduced 20%
  • Hell on Earth Difficulty
    • Blocking chance reduced 29%


  • Normal Difficulty
    • Damage reduced 50%
    • Solo play Damage reduced 50%


  • Melee attack speed reduced 5%
  • Grenade barrage attack speed reduced 10%
  • Weapon spread increased 20%
  • Weapon fire rate reduced 16%
  • Cool down on attacks increased 5 seconds
  • Suicidal Difficulty
    • Solo play damage reduced 30%
  • Hell on Earth Difficulty
    • Health reduced 15%
    • Damage reduced 5%
    • Solo play damage reduced 10%


  • Normal Difficulty
    • Early Wave Spawnrate increased 40%
    • Global Spawnrate increased 20%
    • Global movement speed reduced 6%
    • Solo play
      • Max zeds in world reduced 37%
    • 2 players
    • Max zeds in world reduced 56%
  • Hard Difficulty
    • Early Wave Spawnrate increased 25%
    • Global Spawnrate increased 20%
    • Global movement speed reduced 5%
    • Solo play
      • Max zeds in world reduced 31%
    • 2 players
      • Max zeds in world reduced 43%
  • Suicidal Difficulty
    • Early Wave Spawnrate increased 38%
    • Global Spawnrate increased 30%
    • Global movement speed reduced 5%
    • Solo play
      • Max zeds in world reduced 25%
    • 2 players
      • Max zeds in world reduced 43%
  • Hell on Earth Difficulty
    • Early Wave Spawnrate increased 29%
    • Global Spawnrate increased 32%
    • Global movement speed reduced 10%
    • Solo play
      • Max zeds in world reduced 25%
    • 2 players
      • Max zeds in world reduced 43%


Medic Perk

  • Medic Assault Rifle
    • Damage reduced 15%
    • Rate of fire increased 16%
    • Mag size increased 35%
    • Recoil reduced 30%

Global Bug Fixes


  • Fixed Online Only - Husk Fireballs are Visually Blocked By Rag Dolls While Projectile Continues to Invisibly Hit Player
  • Fixed King Fleshpound Chest beam Appears to Render Underneath Water in from Player's 1P Perspective
  • Fixed VS Fleshpound - Hitch in the Looping Backwards Raged Walking Animation (Normal & Summer Variants)
  • Fixed Siren scream disables Zed Time color desaturation
  • Fixed VS Slasher - Animation Hitch With Full Speed Backward Walk Cycle
  • Fixed King Fleshpound - Chest beam Attack SFX Persists After Death
  • Fixed Fleshpound : Not spawning enraged on Suicidal or Hell on Earth.
  • Fixed Fleshpound : enraged upon spawning will not remove rage state after hitting a player
  • Fixed Gorefiend's Blades Detach if He is Shot/Damaged as he Starts His Spin Attack
  • Fixed King Fleshpound not sprinting on start.
  • Fixed Cyst Zed Getting Pathing Stuck on Black Forest Near Bridge
  • Fixed Crawlers do not Attempt to Evade M203 Grenades.
  • Fixed King fleshpound chest beam does not cause controller to vibrate on impact.


  • Fixed Trader Pod - Setting a weapon as Favorite does not immediately add it to the Favorite tab on the right side.
  • Fixed Trader Speech Illogicalities/Inaccuracies
  • Fixed Survivalist Zed Time Reload is Referenced but Does Not Trigger
  • Fixed Gunslinger : Slow reload during Zedtime while ZED TIME - Fan Fare is equipped.
  • Fixed Blocking/Parrying : Blocks/Parries are not properly registering and reducing zed damage sometimes.
  • Fixed Large Performance Spike with Boom Mode When Multiple Explosions Occur in Close Proximity to Player Camera
  • Fixed SWAT Battering Ram skill cannot knock / run through headless zeds
  • Fixed HE Grenade Doing Large Amounts of Damage w Backup and Hollow Point Skills
  • Fixed Berserker Smash applies 200% stumble to all weapons


  • Fixed Prison - wall stain not sorting with distance fog
  • Fixed Evacuation Point - Zeds falling out of ceiling window have chance to get stuck
  • Fixed The Descent - Strange shadow in one of the levels of descent.
  • Fixed Infernal Realm Steam Achievements Pluralized Incorrectly
  • Fixed Nuked - Flags that are framed on the wall do not fall when shot down.
  • Fixed Biotics Lab - Splatter maps Not Set Up for Aquarium Glass
  • Fixed Hostile Grounds - Popping Ambient Occlusion Shadows on a Tent
  • Fixed The Descent - Boss Room - Fog Plane Only Visible On Top Side Going Up Stairs
  • Fixed The Descent - Black Triangle Displayed on Lava Stream
  • Fixed Evacuation Point - Larger Zeds Difficulty Pathing After Dropping Down from the Skyway
  • Fixed Catacombs - Room Lighting In Top Level Turns Off At a Distance
  • Fixed Last Few Zeds Getting Stuck on The Descent Spiral Staircase Room
  • Fixed One Infernal Realms Eyeball Collectible is Explosive Proof
  • Fixed Hans Doll Collectible is Unattainable on The Descent Using the Eviscerator's Ranged Fire Mode
  • Fixed Prison - Awkward Zed Falling Behavior Coming Out of Broken Window
  • Fixed Catacombs - Players Can Hit a Snag on a Corner Preventing Smooth Movement Down Stairs
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom:| Area where you can't walk through bushes
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom | Snag on base of roller coaster
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom - Zeds needlessly jump while traversing stairs
  • Fixed VS Crawler - Can Get Inside the Pop The Clot and Feed Games When Activated
  • Fixed Steam Sideshow Hazmat Suit icon missing special star icon
  • Fixed Rebel Mask/Neck Warmer & All 3 Firefighter Helmets are Incompatible
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom - Scaled up splatter map on tent ceiling
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom - Volume blocks player movement
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom - Pukey doll clipping through roof of tent; seen from interior
  • Fixed The Tragic Kingdom : Some of the Pukey Dolls are having their Burp sound effect occluded.
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom Exploit Spot
  • Fixed Decent - zeds can get stuck in narrow spawn closet exit
  • Fixed Community Maps : Modders are reporting players falling through their landscape maps.
  • Fixed Containment Station - ragdolls/death cams fall through world at some locations
  • Fixed Outpost : Zeds going up the stairs are not pathing properly
  • Fixed Z Fighting Occurring on Grandfather Clock in Farmhouse Map
  • Fixed Chimney on top of Farmhouse is Missing Collision Entirely
  • Fixed Evac Point - Flex meshes cast shadow from hidden mesh.
  • Fixed Console Only- Online Exploit Spot in Volter Manor Corner
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom - Boomstick Jump Zed Navigation Exploit Spot on Pop the Clot Building
  • Fixed Piano Exploit Spot on Volter Manor
  • Fixed Exploit Spot on Catacombs Map Behind Generator
  • Fixed Volter Manor : Incorrect Portal Spawn animation for zeds coming out of vent over the Billiard Table.
  • Fixed The Descent - Zeds spawning in incorrect arena while playing
  • Fixed Black Forest - Floating drain mesh in crashed train
  • Fixed Burning Paris - Gap in Collision of Street Near Cafe in Which Dosh and Weapons Can Fall Through
  • Fixed The Descent : All players are not teleporting to the next arena.
  • Fixed Tragic Kingdom - Flex fluids floating in certain areas of the map.
  • Fixed Outpost - Uneven collision in corner causes Zeds to jump awkwardly when they run into it.


  • Fixed Zedtime : Screen saturation stuck when a lag spike hits while zed time is ending.


  • Fixed Magnum - Leg Dismemberment Not Occurring
  • Fixed Knockdowns Causing Eviscerator Saw Blade Ammo Particles to Float Mid Air
  • Fixed Trench Gun 3P Animation - Firing Quickly After Empty Single Round Reload Leaves Shell Inside Ejector Port
  • Fixed Bone Crusher : 1P - Overhead heavy swing causes left arm to clip through the 1st Person Camera.
  • Fixed HZ12 - 1P Shell Ejects are Red While Guncheck Shows Blue Rounds
  • Fixed Spamming Alt-Fire Button During Double Barrel Shotgun Reload Triggers Single Fire After Reload Finishes
  • Fixed Centerfire - Tracer Fire FX only present in Zed Time within 1P
  • Fixed Left Shoulder Visible When Moving Left After Sprinting With Mark 7 Armor and Dual 1858 Revolvers
  • Fixed Centerfire - Heavier Head Bob Effect When Sprinting than Other Comparable Weapons (Causes some Users Motion Sickness)
  • Fixed HZ12 - 1P Front Iron Sight Slightly Off Center from Rear Sight While Aiming
  • Fixed M4 | Vietnam | Battle-Scarred : This M4 variation is not able to be equipped.
  • Fixed P90 SMG - Muzzle Flash FX Does Not Emit Light on Environment or Gun Model
  • Fixed When Throwing Down One Skinned Dualie Weapon the Remaining Single Loses it's Skin
  • Fixed Bone Crusher Taunt Sounds and Animations Not playing in Multiplayer
  • Fixed Eviscerator : Players unable to stop reload with block, parry, or chainsaw.
  • Fixed Dual spitfires alt aim not centered

Cosmetic Fixes:

  • Fixed DJ Scully being unable to wear headphones with ski mask
  • Fixed Hazmat Helmet(s) & Fleshpound Visor(s)Clipping
  • Fixed Reaper Hat Clips Badly With Ana Larive's Character Model
  • Fixed Fleshpound Visors Cannot Be Worn With Several Though it Would Pose No Known Issues
  • Fixed Reaper Dead Mask and Reaper Hat are Non-Compatible with One-Another
  • Fixed Reaper Jaw is Incompatible With Reaper Dead Eyes & Reaper Raven Eyes
  • Fixed When Equipping Mister Death Facepaint & Sideshow Clown Hat/Witch Doctor Hat Much of Anton Strasser's Head Disappears
  • Fixed Rae Higgins : The Steampunk Gas Mask Filtered is not rendering for her.
  • Fixed Firefighter Helmet Mask Down Uses Two Lines of Text
  • Fixed Russian Gas Mask & Baseball Hat Clip Badly on DJ Scully
  • Fixed Inconsistent Item Thumbnail for Tiny Terror Weekly Hat on Steam Inventory Page
  • Fixed Strasser Unable to Equip King Fleshpound Visor (All Other Characters are Able)
  • Fixed Horzine Security, Cardboard Knight, Wasteland Outfit. and Hazmat Outfits Cannot Use Emotes on Online Servers
  • Fixed Typo with Sideshow Human "Canon" Helmet Accessory In Inventory Menu
  • Fixed Typo with Sideshow Clown Hat Inventory Description
  • Fixed Sideshow Clown Hat Clips Badly With Anton Strasser's Head
  • Fixed Gear Menu : Infiltrator | Red and Infiltrator | Blue text are saying the incorrect colors for them in the Skins Selection Container.
  • Fixed Wearing the Tactical Headset MK1 with certain cosmetics causes clipping.

Misc Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed Passive Gun Check SFX plays During Emotes
  • Fixed Paid Cosmetic Items Listed in the Market Cosmetic Filter of Store Menu
  • Fixed localization for "Horzine Supply Crate Series #1" item description.
  • Fixed In-Game Store - Emotes filter does not display items
  • Fixed Summer Sideshow Premium Prize Ticket : Misspelled 'required!' on the preview store window.
  • Tabbing Over to Inventory After Login Quickly Does Not Clear Vault Tab UI from Background

PC Steam Specific:

  • Fixed Steam Controller - Unable to use Voice Comm menu w/ Recommended Config
  • Fixed Weekly events not loaded on linux server
  • Fixed PC - Foster missing two tie/loose tie color variants
  • Fixed PC Only - Weapon Quick Select Ignored Following Last Weapon Used With Same Weapon Inventory Group
  • Fixed Linux Server: Dropped player on map change
  • Fixed Linux Server: Chat not working
  • Fixed KF2 Editor improperly rendering pathing lines