Update 1014 (Killing Floor 2)

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New Perk:

New Weapons

  • Remington Army Model 1858 revolver (single/dual)
  • M1911 pistol (single/dual)
  • Desert Eagle (single/dual)
  • .500 Magnum Zed Collector revolver (single/dual)
  • Nailbomb Grenade

New Maps

New Character

  • Oisten Jaegerhorn - obtained by being part of the KF 2 Steam Community

New Features

  • New Boss - Patriarch - What have you done to his children?
  • Full Steam Mod Workshop Support
    • Upload or subscribe to your favorite mods and maps as a client!
    • Servers can subscribe to and stay up to date when the maps and mods change!
    • Clients will automatically download maps directly from Steam workshop for servers that are subscribed to workshop maps
  • New dual pistol aiming style (centered), toggle by alt fire
  • Body flashlights
  • Zed-Conomy and Trading Floor Store
  • Server Welcome Screen - brand your server with an image, website link, and message of the day

Improvements and Additions


  • Updated controller scheme
  • Reduced the amount of map collectables needed to unlock achievements
  • Physics is now more prominent on dead players
    • When players are killed they take into account the velocity of the attack that killed them. Player ragdolls fly through the air, splat against walls, make crunching sounds when they impact, and leave behind bloodstains.
  • Added many new achievements
  • Perk Rank Up Achievement set - 5, 10, 15, 20, 25
  • Perk Hot Shot Achievement set - Beat each difficulty as a particular perk

Perk Changes and Additions


  • Fortitude skill changed to 75% health increase (previously 100%)
  • Vampire skill increased by 1 health per kill (now 4 instead of 3)
  • Smash does 25% extra damage (down from 100%)


  • Nuke radius reduced


  • Armament 25% less effective heal and will heal 1% armor (down from 10% less effective and 2% armor)
  • Vaccination Now grants 2% armor (down from 4%)