Update 1010 (Killing Floor 2)

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  • Reverted changes to starting and max ammo for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support weapons.
  • Tweak to laser sight on Eviscerator
  • Made Scrake more vulnerable to direct hits from RPG rockets, especially when aiming for the head
  • Increased the pellet penetration and ability for Dragon's Breath Shotgun rounds to panic ZEDs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed comm rose being stuck on screen after Hans intro
  • Fixed Berserker damage resistance description
  • Fixed Berserker melee attack speed being incorrectly calculated
  • Fixed Berserker Smash, Block and Furious Defender skills not working as intended
  • Fixed stuck ZEDs not respawning
  • Fixed Zweihander having an ammo cost in the trader
  • Fixed broken animations when reloading some weapons
  • Fixed microwave gun effect looping on corpses
  • Fixed low friction FleX gore
  • Fixed no sound effect when turning NVG's on and off.
  • Fixed a bug where Berserker passive bonus to attack speed applied to melee bashes with non-berserker weapons.
  • Fixed an issue with the sight for the microwave guns when real time reflections were turned on.
  • Fixed an issue where the lobby music would play during the first wave
  • Fixed a bug where players could instant-kill Hans using some melee weapons
  • Fixed an issue where the Hans intro would not work properly in some resolutions
  • Replaced debug text when trying to join a full server


  • FleX crash fixes and performance optimizations
  • Emitter/explosion optimizations
  • Log spam cleanup