Update 1007 (Killing Floor 2)

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  • Fixed healer screen not updating

Server browser:

  • Fixed max player count not showing on server browser
  • Added refresh indicator for server browser
  • Party leader can now bring their party with them when joining a passworded server
  • Fixed players not being able to join a server when using the Russian language


  • Adjusted door health and weld integrity values
  • Fixed single-load guns sometimes not hitting zeds after reloading
  • Fixed toggling Steam UI unpausing a paused, standalone game


  • Fixed medic with healing surge being unable to heal after level up
  • Fixed commando not receiving large mags bonus for current weapon
  • Fixed medic combatant skill giving armor every time the player switches to it
  • Fixed bug that allowed players at a skill unlock tier (5, 10, etc.) to change skills any time during game

Level design:

  • Fixed Hans getting stuck in firing range on Outpost
  • Fixed zeds being unable to navigate off new helipad
  • Fixed some minor art-related issues


  • Updated localization
  • Removed references to flashlights in SCAR, AK-12, and Bullpup descriptions


  • Fixed some third-person artifacting related to muzzle flashes
  • Fixed issues with flamethrower charring online


  • Fixed un-ending clot grab sounds
  • Fixed silent battle chatter for German and Russian (now uses English audio)
  • Fixed persistent muffled audio bug


  • Fixed issue with rebinding clicks with multiple commands (like fire/spectate next)
  • Fixed caps lock being un-bindable
  • Fixed voice chat binding blocking input


  • Fixed several exploits

Dedicated server:

  • Added servername and numplayers to window title
  • Fixed "-autoupdate" command (this will make the server check for a newer version and shut down if it detects one)


  • Additional gameplay crash fixes (we are still investigating and working on many of the launch crashes)