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Killing Floor 2 event
Summer Sideshow
KF2 Event SummerSideshow2017.png
Start Date June 13, 2017
End Date
KF2 Update SummerSideshow2017 Thumbnail.jpg Killing Floor 2 - Summer Sideshow 2017 Trailer
Completion Reward
[[File:{{{RewardImage}}}|48px|link={{{RewardLink}}}]] {{{RewardName}}}
Related Achievements
Killing Floor 2 horzine weekly outbreak
Bobble Zed
...that must hurt their necks.
KF2 Event Weekly BobbleZed.png
Something went horribly wrong with this batch of Zeds and their heads are wwwaaaayyyyyyy larger than normal! Huge even!
Start Date July 4, 2017
End Date July 11, 2017
KF2 Event Weekly BobbleZed Thumbnail.jpg Killing Floor 2 Weekly Outbreaks - Bobble Zed
Outbreak Completion Reward
KF2 Cosmetic Weekly HorzineHelmet Precious.png Weekly | Horzine Helmet | Precious
Related Achievements




| Weekly= Name of the image of the corresponding event Example: true


| EventName= Name of the event Example: Summer Sideshow

| EventImage= Name of the image of the corresponding event Example: KF2_Update_SummerSideshow2017.png


| StartDate= Date on which the event started
Syntax: Month Day, Year
Example: June 13, 2017

| EndDate= Date on which the event ended
Syntax: Month Day, Year
Example: July 11, 2017


| TrailerName= Title of the YouTube-Trailer of this major update Example: Killing Floor 2: Incinerate 'N Detonate Release Trailer

| TrailerThumbnail= Name of the thumbnail of the corresponding update-trailer Example: KF2_Update_IncinerateNDetonateUpdate_Thumbnail.jpg

| TrailerName= Link to the YouTube-Trailer of this major update Example: https://youtu.be/XOKbmgE-_o0


| Achievements=
Related Achievement entrys

1 - Achievement Number
According to steamdb.info

2 - Achievement Title

Example: {{KF2VariousInfo_Achievement|192|The Wonderful World of Merchandising}}



Copy this template for quick usage.

| Weekly=
| EventName=
| EventImage=
| StartDate=
| EndDate=
| TrailerName=
| TrailerThumbnail=
| TrailerLink=
| Achievements=
| Achievements_PS4=