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thoughts on merging dual pistols with main page? seems a bit redundant to have what's effectively the same page but with only some stats doubled and it'd save a bit of clicking for people wandering around. formatting shouldn't be too hard either. might be a problem for people only wanting the dual pistol pages but they should be smart enough to pick up that they're on the solo pages hopefully. we can probably just go something like "(dual) pistol"

cat's thoughts on your idea

Well, i don't know. Honestly i'd like to keep them separated. I'm certain that it won't be possible to have weapon data merged on weapon's calling card. Maybe having two of them on the same page but then it will be looking differently, could break some aestethics. Descriptions are different too. Perhaps if you can handle it.

Here's an idea, you can create a new page, something like M1911 Pistol (single & dual) or other name, to make some experiments there. If it will work out, we'll add it to KF2 nav box, otherwise either delete it (although i can't do it myself, gotta ask Administrator) or will just put a redirect.

Though i don't want to create this page myself, sorry :) Already feel tired to doing such things. So it's up to you.

Simplecat (talk) 14:10, 1 January 2021 (UTC)