Steam Fortress

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Killing Floor 2 Tripwire Official map
Steam Fortress
MapPreview Steamfortress.png
General Information
Author Tripwire Interactive
Trader Locations 5
Collectibles Steam Cells (30)
Map Information
Weapon Spawns 23
Ammo Spawns 39
Player Spawns 21
Zed Spawns 113
Technical Information
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PS4 Trophies

The Steam Fortress is a Killing Floor 2 map. Is was added in the game as a part of Summer Sidershow 2019 update. It is the second map to introduce mandatory objectives (the first being Santa's Workshop) that players have to accomplish in order to advance in the game. This map, as well, can be played in normal Survival mode.


"Lockheart here and I’ve got some news. First the good, we’ve reached my fortress lair, Eden, at Cape Corvo. Now the bad, it seems we haven’t seen the last of those incorrigible stowaways and piratical creatures. Chop chop, we have work to do, and by we, I mean you. " "You lot are going places, and I don’t just mean on errands around this place. To get your mode of transportation up and running, however, I’ll be giving you a set of tasks to complete, stat!"

"I’ll be sending my drone, Rover, into the field to help. Do make sure to stay close as these dastardly creatures will impede his progress, or worse, destroy him."

"And while Rover isn’t around I’ll be needing you to collect some things and transport them to where they need to be. Did you expect Rover would be around to help you with everything? He costs more to run than I pay you! And while you're at it, I believe I left a flatbread in the oven. Be a dear and bring it to me, mmmm Scrake ‘ems, never goes bad. How can it, it starts that way!"

General Information

This map can be played in objective mode where it requires players to complete a set of mandatory objectives or in regular survival mode with no objectives other than Stand Your Ground. By the last wave players will be teleported to the small two-storey arena to fight one of the bosses, few ammo boxes will there be scattered around to prevent players from running out of ammo.


These are the map objectives in order of their appearance. Each of these appear more than one (except for EXTERMINATION which is played only once, during the last wave).

Obj escort.png
ESCORT: Players have to escort an autonomous drone to the designated area of the map. Drone will move faster when players nearby and will not move at all if ZEDs are close. ZEDs will attempt to destroy it. While the drone can always be repair its movement slowly goes down as its health decreases. Eventually drone might cease the movement completely. Drone max speed = 1 meter / second, 2 meters when players nearby. Drone does not move when ZEDs are close. Speed decreases as the health of the drone goes down. Health = 400. Health to restore by one welder tick is a % of 68 (119 for Support) / cart's Max Weld Integrity which is 1p = 1500, 2p = 2000, 3p = 2500, 4p = 3000, 5p = 3500 and 6p = 4000.
Obj repair.png
WELD AND REPAIR: Players are tasked to located and repair fuse boxes with their Welders. Weldable objects have 2000 (first objective) and 3000 (second objective) points of weld integrity. Activation delay - 10 seconds for first and 25 seconds for second objective.
Obj transport.png
TRANSPORT: Players have to pick up and carry items to designated areas. No weapon usage allowed during this process however players can use these items as a melee weapons. Gear damage (all attacks) = 150, damage type - bludgeon. Rate Of Fire = 107. Block (damage scale) = x0.5, Parry (damage scale) = x0.2. Speed, while carrying: walking - 203, sprint - 280. Speed does not change when there is one player on server or for the last player alive.
Obj operate and control.png
OPERATE AND CONTROL: Players have to hold the area clear for certain amount of seconds and then activate the level or a button. This procedure have to be repeated for a few times. Objective activation delay: 30 seconds for the first objective, 25 for the second. ZEDs thresholds: 1p - 5, 2p - 5, 3p - 5, 4p - 4, 5p - 3, 6p - 3. Reactivation time: first objective - 31s, second - 45s.
Obj defendarea.png
DEFEND THE AREA: Players have to hold the area clear for certain amount of the seconds. Time required to hold the area = 120s. Player thresholds: 1p - 1, 2p - 1, 3p - 2, 4p - 2, 5p - 3, 6p - 3. ZEDs thresholds: 1p - 5, 2p - 5, 3p - 5, 4p - 4, 5p - 4, 6p - 4.
Obj exterminate.png
EXTERMINATION: Players have to kill certain amount of ZEDs, namely on this map to kill random boss.