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| Author=Tripwire Interactive
| Author=Tripwire Interactive
| TraderLocations=5
| TraderLocations=5
| Collectibles=Glowing Skulls (30)
| Collectibles=Glowing Skull (30)
| WeaponSpawns=18
| WeaponSpawns=18

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Killing Floor 2 Tripwire Official map
Monster Ball
KF2 Map MonsterBall.png
General Information
Author Tripwire Interactive
Trader Locations 5
Collectibles Glowing Skull (30)
Map Information
Weapon Spawns 18
Ammo Spawns 20
Player Spawns 12
Zed Spawns 94
Technical Information
Related Achievements
PS4 Trophies

The Monster Ball is a Killing Floor 2 map. Is was added in the game as a part of Monster Masquerade update. This halloween themed map that takes place in an old castle decorated and modernised to host a rave party, a lot of graffiti and modern art elements can be seen outside the main structure. On the balcony of left side of the map there is floating platform where Hans himself resides as a DJ. The right side of the map is a castle's indoors which is rather narrow area with a lot of corridors and obstacles scattered around them. Map is fully compatible with Survival, Versus and Endless gamemodes.

There is a locked door at the left to the main courtyard, right next to the fire trap under the bridge. Players may unlock it by approaching it and pressing USE button. In exchange for 1250 Dosh (in Survival Mode) the new area of the map will be unlocked.


Upon completing a series of objectives on Monster Ball during the Halloween Event players will be rewarded with early access to Commando's Mkb.42(H) Carbine Rifle as well as to unique weapon skin for it.

  • "Trick or Trap!": Use traps to kill 25 Zeds in one game session.
  • "Dead Men Tell No Tales": Bust 10 glowing skull collectibles.
  • "Monster Mash": Kill 2500 Zeds.
  • "Party All Night Long": Complete wave 25 on Endless Hard or higher difficulty.
  • "Lord of the Castle": Defeat Count Hans on Survival Hard or higher difficulty.
Hans Volter's Mkb as an unlockable reward


Monster Ball featuring plenty on traps to aid players in combat.

  • Both Fire traps (one under the bridge with 4 archs under it, located on the left side of the map and the other located in the main structure emitted from the skull with Hans' portrait above it) do 30 points of "fire" damage to ZEDs (only) and at same time and place as well do 4 points of "fire damage' to both - ZEDs and players. Damage interval - 1 second. DOT: Damage scale = x1.5 of trap damage, Duration = 5s, interval = 1s, Burn power per hit / DOT tick = 15.5. ZEDs will NOT attempt to evade these traps. Trap lasts for about 7 seconds. Reactivation delay - 15 seconds.
  • Two Bell traps (on the left side of the map, not far from where the DJ's stand is) do 10 points of damage and knock down ZEDs. The damage goes to the player's actual health. Traps lasts for about 9 seconds. Reactivation delay - 25 seconds.
  • Bridge electric trap under the waterfall does 2 points of damage within 1 second intervals. EMP power per hit = 100, trap lasts for 17 seconds. Reactivation delay - 15 seconds.
  • Movable Cage trap at the right end of the map lasts for about 10 second. Reactivation delay - 15 seconds.
  • Floor trap next to the EMP trap lasts for 4.5 seconds and has reactivation delay of 20 seconds. Piercing trap under it does 3 points of "piercing" damage within 1 seconds intervals.

Easter Egg

In the room behind locked door there are two boxes sitting on the table, one of them is initially locked. It contains a "thing" which may be revealed by pressing 3 hidden levers on the map. Levers have to be pressed in a specific order:

  1. Brick in the wall, at the farthest leftmost area of the map, not far from the trader pod and Bell traps.
  2. Small shelf in the wall, under the dance floor area. The shelf is hidden initially and will only reveal itself once the first lever is activated.
  3. Green book at the bookshelf, at the upper level of the castle, right next to the trader pod.