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Killing Floor 2 item
HX25 Grenade Pistol
KF2 Perk Demolitionist White.png
KF2 Weight White.png
KF2 Perk Gunslinger White.png
MAGAZINE SIZE 1 KF2 Magazine Gray.png
"Fire mode shoots multiple submunitions that explode on contact."
General Information
Pricing KF2 Dosh Gray.png 300
Ammo Cost KF2 Dosh Gray.png 9
Weapon Type Explosive KF2 WeaponType Explosive Gray.png
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Weapon Information
Starting Ammo 1 + 17 KF2 Ammo Gray.png
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Secondary Attack
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Fire Rate
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Technical Information
Related Achievements
PS4 Trophies

The HX25 Grenade Pistol is the Demolitionist's starting weapon. It resembles a heavily modified Heckler & Koch HK69A1 grenade launcher, firing "pellets" that explode on contact. Its pellets are affected by gravity, requiring aiming upwards to hit distant targets.

It is a single-shot weapon, and has an ammo capacity of 29 + its initial shot. As a part of the multi-perk weapon system, the HX25 Grenade Pistol also belong to the arsenal of the Gunslinger.


- "Fire mode shoots multiple submunitions that explode on contact."

Technical Information


  • Per direct impact = 10.
  • Per pellet explosion = 30.
  • Pellet amount = 7 (280 total).
  • Bash = 24.

Explosion Radius = 1.5m, Explosion Falloff = Linear.

Damage Type = Ballistic (shotgun, on impact), Explosive.

Spread factor = 0.1.

  • Unlike other "pellet" guns, the HX25 has a unique spread profile, adjusted to be a more consistent circular shape.
  • One of the pellets in salvo is always dead-centered. The pellets, however, are still affected by gravity.

Rate Of Fire:

  • Normal = 28 RPM.
  • Elite = 41 RPM.
  • Bash = 62.


  • Normal = 1.79s.
  • Elite = 1.17s.
  • Reload delay after firing = 0.3s.

Equip Time = 0.35s, Putdown Time = 0.42s.

Weapon Powers:

  • Stumble power (pellet direct hit) = 75.
  • Stumble power (explosion) = up to 10.
  • Knockdown power (explosion) = up to 5.


Upgrade 1 (500): Base damage x1.25 (12 per pellet, 37 per explosion, 343 total), Base weight + 1 (5 total).

Upgrade 2 (600): Base damage x1.4 (14 per pellet, 42 per explosion, 392 total) , Base weight + 2 (6 total).

Upgrade 3 (700): Base damage x1.6 (16 per pellet, 48 per explosion, 448 total), Base weight + 3 (7 total).

Upgrade 4 (1500): Base damage x1.9 (19 per pellet, 57 per explosion, 532 total), Base weight + 4 (8 total).


  • When used with the Demolitionist's level 25 skill Destroyer Of Worlds, there is a minimum time of 0.25 seconds between each nuke blast for each pellet.
  • Its explosions will cause no self-damage.
  • Gets no damage bonuses from the Demolitionist's level 10 skill High Impact Rounds, due to the HX25's pellets counting as a "ballistic shotgun" rather than a "ballistic shell".
  • Pellets will collide with either the ZED's hitzone or a collision cylinder.
  • Costs 3300 Dosh to fully upgrade.
  • Costs 270 Dosh to fully replenish ammo from 0 explosives.

Skill Synergies

  • The Demolitionist's level 5 skill Shock Trooper increases its rate of fire, helping Demolitionists deal with crowds closing in faster than expected.
  • The Demolitionist's level 20 skill Concussive Rounds helps stumble tougher ZEDs like Bloats or Gorefiends.


A strong crowd control weapon in the early waves, able to destroy an entire group of Clots with one shot, assuming that you're far away enough that the pellets can spread out that much. As such, stay far away from the action, and act more like an artillery gun raining down death from afar.

Because its shots are pellets rather than a single shell, accuracy does not matter too much when using it, but be warned that its need to constantly reload after every shot will cripple your fighting power in the long run.

If you're caught in the middle of a crowd, use the lack of self-damage to force your way through and hope that you only needed one shot to get away.

Avoid Bloats at all costs: their high health and lack of any direct damage makes destroying their head very difficult, if not outright impossible.

Gains all the perk and skill bonuses from the Gunslinger thanks to the multi-perk weapon system.


  • While every other starting weapon only costs 200 Dosh, the HX25 is the only one to cost 300.
  • According to the source code, there was an unused alternative fire mode: a single explosive grenade, possibly much like the M79 Grenade Launcher.