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There is 9th, unreleased [[Weekly Outbreaks|Weekly Outbreak]] codenamed ''Horde'' in game files. It has following gameplay traits:
There is an unreleased [[Weekly Outbreaks|Weekly Outbreak]] codenamed ''Horde'' in game files. It has following gameplay traits:
*Difficulty - Suicidal, Waves - 4.
*Difficulty - Suicidal, Waves - 4.

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Urban Ninja

Killing Floor 2 perk
Urban Ninja
KF2 Perk MartialArtist White.png
General Information
XP Objectives
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• {{{XPObjective_1}}}
Starting Loadout
[[{{{StartingLoadout_Weapon_Link}}}|{{{StartingLoadout_Weapon_Name}}}]] [[{{{StartingLoadout_Pistol_Link}}}|{{{StartingLoadout_Pistol_Name}}}]]
[[File:{{{StartingLoadout_Weapon_Image}}}|156px|link={{{StartingLoadout_Weapon_Link}}}]] [[File:{{{StartingLoadout_Pistol_Image}}}|156px|link={{{StartingLoadout_Pistol_Link}}}]]
[[{{{StartingLoadout_Knife_Link}}}|{{{StartingLoadout_Knife_Name}}}]] [[{{{StartingLoadout_Grenade_Link}}}|{{{StartingLoadout_Grenade_Name}}}]]
[[File:{{{StartingLoadout_Knife_Image}}}|156px|link={{{StartingLoadout_Knife_Link}}}]] [[File:{{{StartingLoadout_Grenade_Image}}}|156px|link={{{StartingLoadout_Grenade_Link}}}]]
Perk Information
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• {{{Strength_0}}}
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• {{{Weakness_0}}}
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• {{{Weakness_4}}}
Target Priority
KF2 Zed Cyst Icon.png KF2 Zed AlphaClot Icon.png KF2 Zed Slasher Icon.png KF2 Zed Crawler Icon.png KF2 Zed Stalker Icon.png KF2 Zed Bloat Icon.png KF2 Zed Gorefast Icon.png
KF2 Zed Siren Icon.png KF2 Zed Gorefiend Icon.png KF2 Zed Husk Icon.png KF2 Zed QuarterPound Icon.png KF2 Zed Scrake Icon.png KF2 Zed Fleshpound Icon.png
Technical Information
Related Achievements
Console Achievements / Trophies

The Urban Ninja1 (frequently reffered as Martial Artist in the community) was an idea for one of the Perks in Killing Floor 2 which was later scrapped. It is unknown if this perk ever had working prototype or not, its perk icon and code refences used to present in Killing Floor 2 SDK for a while but later were cut off.

After the idea was scrapped, the Katana which was presumably made for the Urban Ninja moved to the arsenal of the Berserker.


HX25 Grenade Pistol

According to the source files the HX25 was meant to have an alternative firing mode where it supposed to fire grenade similar to M79 or M203, without splitting it into the pellets.

The grenade stats was: Damage = 125, Radius = 4 meters, Linear explosion falloff, Projectile speed = 40 meters / second, Minimum distance to detonate = 3.5 meters, Knockdown power = 100, Stumble power = 150, Melee hit power = 100.

Mosin Nagant

Added in version 1088, the Mosin Nagant came out with an unused damage type called KFDT_Ballistic_MosinNagantSpecial. The description of damage type were saying

// Ballistic damage with light impact energy, but stronger hit reactions
// For use with the Mosin Nagant "bullet stab"

which might have been refered by rifle's flavour text - The M91/30 specializes in stabbing, shooting, and stab shooting.

The damage type was assigned to Sharpshooter perk and had following weapon powers on it: Knockdown Power = 200, Stumble Power = 150, Gun Hit Power = 150.

HRG Beluga Beat

This weapon came out with two firing modes on a board: Uncharged and Charged. In game files however, there specified an unused Half-charged mode with following stats:

Damage = 170, Penetration power = 3, Pushback momentum = 50000 (for comparison, Uncharged has this variable set to 40000 and Fully-charged to 100000). Projectile speed set to 36 m/s, its active duration (life span) is 1.8 seconds. Weapon powers of this projectiles are: Stumble power = 50, Gun hit power = 60, Microwave power = 50. Like two other projectiles of this weapon it was meant to inflict 50% more damage to ZED's armored zones. Compare to Uncharged shot it had its collision box to be reduced by ~33%.



Crawlers should be able to climb on walls and ceilings. This concept was scrapped because there were several issues with the level environment which made this gameplay mechanic very difficult to develop and support custom maps at the same time. Their AI related commands still present in the game code.


There is an unreleased Weekly Outbreak codenamed Horde in game files. It has following gameplay traits:

  • Difficulty - Suicidal, Waves - 4.
  • Horde mode: Players start with the pistol, knife and no grenades. Most ZEDs replaced by Clots. No trader time, instead during the intermission players have to scavenge for items.
  • ZEDs spawn much faster (x15 spawn rate multiplier). Spawn points barely have any de-rate time (are always "good" to spawn and to teleport to).
ZED to replace: By this ZED: Odds to replace:
AlphaClot AlphaClot 100%
SlasherClot Slasher 100%
Crawler Slasher 70%
GoreFast Slasher 100%
Stalker Slasher 70%
Scrake Bloat 100%
FleshPound Husk 100%
Bloat AlphaClot 1%
Siren GoreFast 100%
Husk AlphaClot 100%
All bosses replaced by King Fleshpound.
  • King Fleshpound's health scale x1.2. As King Fleshpound spawns, the additional one-time use pack of Quarter Pounds spawns along it. This pack is separated from Quarter Pounds normally spawning by King Fleshpound. The pack contain from 4 up to 8 Quarter Pounds depending on how many players are there compare to the player limit.
  • After 15 seconds since the King Fleshpound's spawn, within 150 second intervals the aditional pack of ZEDs start spawning constantly. Squad content: Gorefast4, Crawler2, AClot4, Stalker4, SClot3_Crawler1, SClot3_Crawler1. These ZEDs are the subject of global ZED replacement system as well. Amount of ZEDs to spawn - from 5 to 20 depending on amount of the players.
  • Item modifier: Total amount of the item spawn points on the map multiplied by x0.9 (10% less).
  • Item modifier: Total amount of the ammo spawn points on the map multiplied by x0.1 (90% less).
  • Per-wave item pickup modifier: wave 1 - x0.8, wave 2 - x0.7, wave 3 - x0.6, wave 4- x0.5, wave 5 - x0.4.
  • Per-wave ammo pickup modifier: wave 1 - x0.6, wave 2 - x0.7, wave 3 - x0.8, wave 4- x0.9, wave 5 - x0.9.
  • Total Pickups On The Map = Default Map Value x Item Modifier x Per-wave Modifier.
  • Ammo respawn time - 10 seconds.

This Weekly has been implemented by the Extended Weeklies workshop item but renamed to Scavenger and Hardcore Scavenger: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1361069766

1 https://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/index.php?threads/lets-help-twi-fix-survivalist-quickly.2277704/page-3#post-2278172