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Killing Floor 2 perk
KF2 Perk Commando White.png
General Information
XP Objectives
• Dealing Commando weapon damage.
• Killing Stalkers with Commando weapons.
Starting Loadout
AR-15 Varmint Rifle 9mm Pistol
KF2 Weapon AR15VarmintRifle White.png KF2 Weapon 9mmPistol White.png
KF-BAR HE Grenade
KF2 Weapon KFBAR White.png KF2 Weapon HEGrenade White.png
Perk Information
• Medium range.
• Front line position.
• Reveal Stalkers.
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• Lots of ammo.
• High rate of fire and moderate damage.
• Effective agains small ZEDs.
• High grenade damage.
• ZED Time extensions.
• Has a hard time against larger ZEDs.
• Has to reload quite often.
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Target Priority
KF2 Zed Cyst Icon.pngKF2 Zed AlphaClot Icon.pngKF2 Zed Slasher Icon.pngKF2 Zed Crawler Icon.pngKF2 Zed Stalker Icon.png HIGH
KF2 Zed Bloat Icon.pngKF2 Zed Gorefast Icon.pngKF2 Zed Siren Icon.pngKF2 Zed Gorefiend Icon.pngKF2 Zed Husk Icon.png MEDIUM
KF2 Zed QuarterPound Icon.pngKF2 Zed Scrake Icon.pngKF2 Zed Fleshpound Icon.png LOW
KF2 Zed Cyst Icon.png KF2 Zed AlphaClot Icon.png KF2 Zed Slasher Icon.png KF2 Zed Crawler Icon.png KF2 Zed Stalker Icon.png KF2 Zed Bloat Icon.png KF2 Zed Gorefast Icon.png
KF2 Zed Siren Icon.png KF2 Zed Gorefiend Icon.png KF2 Zed Husk Icon.png KF2 Zed QuarterPound Icon.png KF2 Zed Scrake Icon.png KF2 Zed Fleshpound Icon.png
Technical Information
Related Achievements
Console Achievements / Trophies

The Commando is the spotter that points out high-value targets for precise elimination; the base of fire that suppresses the horde with a never-ending flurry of lead; the standard bearer that rallies and inspires the rest of the squad behind them.

All Commandos specialize in assault rifles, but their skill choices and choice of weapons allow them to choose between being a walking arsenal who carries as much ammo as they do blood in their body, or a tactician who carries certain guns that give them immense flexibility on the battlefield.

They are the extreme end of the Commando - Gunslinger - Sharpshooter continuum, preferring overwhelming firepower over precision.

General Information

Assault rifles are powerful enough to handle weaker ZEDs with minimal effort, and medium ZEDs with only some effort. Most assault rifles have a decent magazine size of 30, and will increase even further with some skills. In contrast, assault rifles will not be able to hold their own against large ZEDs, forcing you to either gun them down with help or to run away and find a better position to fight in.

Know how to manage both crowds and ammo; you may run out of ammo when you least expect it, leaving you defenseless against a very angry horde. Most assault rifles can decapitate most lesser ZEDs in one shot, so practice firing in slow, controlled bursts to minimize recoil and to save ammo; reload when there's a moment so you can re-enter in top shape.

You are a jack-of-all-trades, as are your assault rifles and HE Grenades. You do not fit into any specific role, but rather you're everywhere at once: crowd control, heavy hitter, even medic with the right guns. Your flexibility is your greatest strength, but also your greatest weakness. Know what role you want to fulfill before heading out there.

You have the unique ability to point out cloaked ZEDs, particularly Stalkers, and to point out the health of damaged ZEDs. Not only are you a direct counter to one of the most dangerous specimen, but you can point out weakened enemies and focus fire on them if you have the opportunity to.

As you level up, you gain more opportunities to "reset" ZED time as they kill more enemies in it.

Weapon List

KF2 Dosh Black.png 200
KF2 Weight Black.png 4
AR-15 Varmint Rifle KF2 Weapon AR15VarmintRifle Black.png
KF2 Perk Commando Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 650
KF2 Weight Black.png 6
SA80 L85A2 Bullpup KF2 Weapon SA80L85A2Bullpup Black.png
KF2 Perk Commando Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 1100
KF2 Weight Black.png 6
Kalashnikov AK-12 KF2 Weapon KalashnikovAK12 Black.png
KF2 Perk Commando Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 1100
KF2 Weight Black.png 7
Mkb.42(H) Carbine Rifle Mkb42 black.png
KF2 Perk Commando Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 1500
KF2 Weight Black.png 6
SCAR-H Assault Rifle KF2 Weapon SCARHAssaultRifle Black.png
KF2 Perk Commando Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 1500
KF2 Weight Black.png 9
Stoner 63A LMG KF2 Weapon Stoner63ALMG Black.png
KF2 Perk Commando Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 2000
KF2 Weight Black.png 10
Minigun (DLC) Kf2 minigun black.png
KF2 Perk Commando Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 650
KF2 Weight Black.png 6
Tommy Gun Kf2 tommygun black.png
KF2 Perk SWAT Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 1200
KF2 Weight Black.png 6
M16 M203 Assault Rifle KF2 Weapon M16M203AssaultRifle Black.png
KF2 Perk Demolitionist Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 1500
KF2 Weight Black.png 7
HMTech-401 Assault Rifle KF2 Weapon HMTech401AssaultRifle Black.png
KF2 Perk FieldMedic Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 1500
KF2 Weight Black.png 8
FN FAL ACOG Fnfal black.png
KF2 Perk Sharpshooter Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 2000
KF2 Weight Black.png 8
HMTech-501 Grenade Rifle Medic gl black.png
KF2 Perk FieldMedic Black.png
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KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_12}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_12}}}|{{{WeaponName_12}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_12}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_13}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_13}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_13}}}|{{{WeaponName_13}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_13}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_14}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_14}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_14}}}|{{{WeaponName_14}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_14}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_15}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_15}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_15}}}|{{{WeaponName_15}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_15}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_16}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_16}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_16}}}|{{{WeaponName_16}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_16}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_17}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_17}}}
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KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png ---
KF2 Weight Black.png ---
KF-BAR KF2 Weapon KFBAR Black.png
KF2 Perk Commando Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png 40
KF2 Weight Black.png ---
HE Grenade KF2 Weapon HEGrenade Black.png
KF2 Perk Commando Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_20}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_20}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_20}}}|{{{WeaponName_20}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_20}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_21}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_21}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_21}}}|{{{WeaponName_21}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_21}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_22}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_22}}}
[[{{{WeaponLink_22}}}|{{{WeaponName_22}}}]] link={{{WeaponLink_22}}}
KF2 Off Perk Black.png
KF2 Dosh Black.png {{{WeaponPricing_23}}}
KF2 Weight Black.png {{{WeaponWeight_23}}}
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KF2 Off Perk Black.png
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KF2 Off Perk Black.png
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KF2 Off Perk Black.png

Bonus Experience

Commandos receive bonus XP for killing Stalkers with on-perk weapons and also for assisting in Stalker kills by revealing them with the Call Out passive skill.

Normal Hard Suicidal Hell on Earth
Bonus Experience 3 5 6 9

Perk Bonuses

This table represents the passive stat bonuses the Commando receives.

Perk Weapon Damage
max. 25%
( Perk weapon damage increases 1% per level. )
Cloaked Enemy & Health Bar Detection
max. 60m
( Range of 10m plus 2m per level. )
Zed Time Refreshes
max. 6 times
( Amount of ZED Time resets increased by 1 for every 5 levels. )
Reload Speed
max. 10%
( Perk weapon reload speed increases 2% every 5 levels. )
Recoil Reduction
max. 50%
( Decrease recoil 2% per level. )
+Call Out Cloaked ZEDs
( Allow teammates to see cloaked units. )
+Night Vision capability
( Night Vision Goggles for better vision in dark areas. )

Perk Skills

This table represents the active abilities the Commando has access to. You have the option of choosing one per tier.

Ammo Management
Tactical Reload
High Capacity Mags
Increase reload speed with perk weapons. KF2 PerkSkill Commando TacticalReload Black.png KF2 PerkSkill Commando HighCapacityMags Black.png Increase magazine capacity of perk weapons 50%.
Impact Rounds
Increase damage with your 9mm pistol and knife 85%, and increase weapon switching speed 50%. KF2 PerkSkill Commando Fallback Black.png KF2 PerkSkill Commando ImpactRounds Black.png Increase stumble power for perk weapons 150%.
Increase total Health and Armor 25%. KF2 PerkSkill Commando Tenacious Black.png KF2 PerkSkill Commando Prepared Black.png Carry up to 20% more ammo for each perk weapon.
Weapon Specialist
Hollow Point Rounds
Eat Lead
Increase damage of perk weapons 30%. KF2 PerkSkill Commando HollowPointRounds Black.png KF2 PerkSkill Commando EatLead Black.png Increase magazine capacity of perk weapons 100%.
Advanced Training
ZED TIME - Tactician
ZED TIME - Machine Gunner
During ZED Time, you reload perk weapons at full speed and switch perk weapons twice as fast. KF2 PerkSkill Commando MachineGunner Black.png KF2 PerkSkill Commando Tactician Black.png During ZED Time, you do 3% more damage with perk weapons and shoot 3x faster with all guns.

Actual Stats

Eat Lead (extra mag ammo, of base value) 100%
Fallback (extra damage, 9mm(s) / knife) 85%
Fallback (weapon switch time, diminution) -50%
High Capacity Mags (extra mag ammo, of base value) 50%
Hollow Point Rounds (extra damage) 30%
Impact Rounds (stumble power multiplier) x2.5
Machine Gunner (extra damage) 3%
Machine Gunner (resistance to slow-mo, on firing) 50%
Prepared (extra maximum spare ammo) 20%
Tactical Reload (faster reloading) yes
Tactician (resistance to slow-mo, on swap, adds) +30%
Tactician (weapon reloads resistant to slow-mo) yes
Tenacious (HP and armor amount multiplier) x1.25

Perk Notes

  • Damage modification (passive + skills): Passive bonus and Machine Gunner skill affect on-perk weapons (including Knife AND 9mm Pistol(s)) or on-perk damage types. Fallback skill affect damage of the 9mm Pistol(s) and all knives. Hollow Point Rounds skill affect on-perk weapons (including Knife, excluding 9mm Pistol(s)). Damage ROUNDED UP.
  • Passive (Nightvision): Nightvision drains battery as fast as flashlight.
  • Passive (Reload speed): Bonus works only with on-perk weapons.
  • Passive (Reveal cloaked ZEDs): Technically the whole process of revealing cloaked ZEDs is focused around each of these ZEDs individually, not around Commando. Having line of sights is important for exposing cloaked ZEDs - if ZED is being rendered (viewed by) for Commando it will be visible to other players, otherwise it will be not even if that ZED is within Commando's reveal range and / or viewed by the other players but not by Commando themself. After breaking LOS the cloaked ZED will be visible for at least 2 seconds.
  • Passive (ZED Time extension): ZED Time cannot be extended by certain amount of time but instead it resets back to 3 seconds.
  • Skill (Fallback): Extra damage affect all knives and 9mm Pistol(s). Weapon swap speed bonus affect equip and putdown times of all weapons making it happen 2 times faster. Extra damage example: 9mm Pistol (25 points of damage) with Fallback skill does Roundup (25 + 25x0.85) = 47 points of damage. When it comes to calculation of knife damage, this skill DOES work along the passive damage bonus and Hollow Point Rounds skill. Skill as well affects bash damage of the 9mm Pistol(s).
  • Skill (Impact Rounds): Skill works only with on-perk weapons.
  • Skill (Tactician): Skill adds +30% resistance to slow-mo to weapons on top of the base 35% resistance value. This makes weapon swapping ((1 - 0.2) x (0.35 + 0.3)) / ((1 - 0.2) x 0.3) = ~2.17 times faster.

On-perk Weapons

Following weapons and damage types are associated with the Commando. They are getting damage bonuses and buffs to their attributes from the respective skills:

Weapons Damage Types
AssaultRifle_AK12 Ballistic_AK12
AssaultRifle_AR15 Ballistic_AR15
AssaultRifle_Bullpup Ballistic_Assault_Medic
AssaultRifle_FNFal Ballistic_Bullpup
AssaultRifle_M16M203 Ballistic_FNFal
AssaultRifle_Medic Ballistic_M16M203
AssaultRifle_MedicRifleGrenadeLauncher Ballistic_MedicRifleGrenadeLauncher
AssaultRifle_MKB42 Ballistic_Minigun
AssaultRifle_SCAR Ballistic_MKB42
AssaultRifle_Thompson Ballistic_SCAR
HEGrenade Ballistic_Stoner63A
Knife_Commando Ballistic_Thompson


The Commando is a viable squad member that greatly increases overall awareness of cloaked ZEDs and also provides ZED Time extensions.

Conserve your ammo: at early waves use the advantage of the Fallback skill to one-shot small ZEDs and save yourself some rifle ammo.

Stay close to your team: keep in mind that you reveal cloaked ZEDs within a limited range - straying too far away from your team will not allow them to see the sneaky Stalkers. You also need to be facing in the direction from where the stalkers are approaching. If you have your back to them, they will not be revealed by the perk ability.

Although it is recommended for the Commando to focus on killing small ZEDs, the skilled Commando can also take down Scrakes. Before engaging make sure you have both of your rifles reloaded. Use the advantage of Fallback to switch between them faster or utilize the extra stumble power of Impact Rounds to create extra space between you and the Scrake. You can even use the Stoner 63A LMG to stumble lock the Scrake! But regardless of tools of disposal don't forget the most important thing - aim to the head.

Taking on a Fleshpound is risky but not impossible, your best choice for this task would be FN FAL ACOG given that it has high damage and rate of fire, but most importantly different type of the damage which Fleshpounds are less resistant to - "ballistic rifle" opposite to "ballistic assault rifle". Also, remember to lob your grenades at Fleshpounds when taking them down alongside other perks like Supports, Demolitions or Firebugs. They are vulnerable to their explosive damage.

The HMTech-401 Assault Rifle has its niche in the arsenal of every Commando. While it does slightly less damage than the AK-12, it lets you heal your teammates.

The M16 Assault Rifle is quite efficient in the hands of a Commando. It gets all the damage bonuses the Commando has, and not just for bullets but also to grenades which Fleshpounds are vulnerable to. Give it a shot!


  • According to the character's favourite weapon lines, Donovan Neal and Lt. Bill Masterson are the Commandos of the team.